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One person's knitting history and the best thing hint to pass on

I was thinking today of all the knitting I have learned to master over the last ‘beep’ years.  I say ‘beep’ because when I add up all the years of knitting I sound much older than the years I actually am in my head!   539 more words


My heart and soul are like a tangled skein
Of twine, like unto the fabled Gordian knot,
A snarled, intricate ball of hurt and pain, 105 more words

On the Go-veralls

After figuring out how to knit and purl my first project was a pair of On the go-veralls. Noah was 2 or 3 at the time. 199 more words


6 Skeins 100% Wool

I don’t know any specific details about this yarns except that it is beautiful!


I'm a Baller, And You Can Be, Too!

You’ve got your skein untied and ready to go.  What’s the next step?  Rolling your yarn into a ball.

Start by wrapping the yarn in a figure 8 around your thumb and forefinger. 233 more words


The Sleepyz Blanket: Playing with Yarn

When I last left you I had just figured out how to crochet a Z. It seems I was so excited about sharing how I made a Z that I totally forgot to tell you about all the fun I had winding up the yarn. 520 more words


All Twisted Up: Dealing With Skeins

Let’s talk about skeins. This is a skein:

Sometimes yarn is sold in skeins (instead of pre-wound balls).  Skeins are looser than balls, which allows you to see the texture and color of the yarn more accurately.  341 more words