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Animation WIP Screenshot

Hello all! As you noticed I went AWOL for..a little..while…yeah. But hey ho, I’m back now~ And making progress on my animation! (totally not when the last minute panic kicks in shhhhhh ;) ) I’m using Adobe Flash here, ’cause we have to. 142 more words


A found poem.

Copyright © 2014 Daniel Shelley-Smith


InMoov MyRobotLab Kinect second test

Publicado el 20/04/2014

Vid:32 InMoov controlled with it’s Kinect. This is the second test with 3 servos powered in each arm. The skeleton on the kinect is very jumpy when my arms are pointing to the robot, which acts on the servos, making the robot shake a bit eraticaly. 12 more words

Humanoid Robot

The dancing skeleton in Barcelona

Manuel asked himself one day this question: How can I entertain tourists, local people, young and old at the beach of Barcelona?

The solution:

 The dancing skeleton… 27 more words


Mr. Skeleton

What story do you have to tell?
What wonders lie in your now hollowed shell?
None hear you speak so how would they know
The epics of your being; what you have endured… 37 more words