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[M.M.X.I.V. 296/O.C.T.O.B.E.R. III-23] She Blinded Me With Science


How fortuitous that this song popped up as the eighth song of the day!  Today is 10/23, and this corresponds to the base and exponent in scientific notation of Avogadro’s number.   411 more words



The most painful thing is realizing that someone you believed to be genuine and you once cared for so deeply, never even thought of you at all. 15 more words


Voting for Reason in Tennessee

After bursting veins in my eyes researching all of Tennessee’s candidates online, I’ve got my votes figured out. 485 more words

Eekkoo - Hell Is Other People EP

Eekkoo is one of those sparkling producers whose career encompasses everything beautiful about Dance music. It was veteran producer and Canadian Dance Music legend Deadmau5… 368 more words

New Release

My Defense of the Term "Agnostic"

Often on Twitter and even in this blog I have been questioned and/or criticized for my use or definition of the term “agnostic” and “agnosticism.” Some atheists read that I am agnostic and they think that I am “one step away” from becoming an atheist. 1,596 more words


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I am an (agnostic) atheist; I do not believe in anything that can't be scientifically proven, however, I do not claim that such things do not or can't exist. I believe it is foolish to say that you 100% know that a God does (or does not) exist. Some people choose to identify as an atheist, an agnostic, an agnostic atheist, or an agnostic theist. But what truly is the difference between an atheist and an agnostic? Some very rude atheists would say agnostics are just closeted atheists and fear the backlash associated with the term "atheist." Some very rude agnostics would say atheists are just as bad and radical as religious folk. What these people don't understand is that we are all on the same side. Technically, we are all non-believers and likely share the same views. In my opinion, the two groups are separated due to political mind sets. Atheists tend to be more of activists against superstition, while agnostics seem to be more neutral. Obviously, this won't be the case for everybody- but I do think that the forms of activism they take separates them.

On Philosophy and Science

There’s been a lot of debate lately over science vs philosophy. Many claim they should each stay out of the domain of the other. Some modern vocal naturalists are giving philosophy a bad rap by using terms they don’t fully explain to the layperson, implying implicitly more than they actually mean (e.g. 1,608 more words


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The origins of critical thinking extend back to philosophy; philosophy cannot be compared to science just like apples cannot be compared to oranges- they're both fruits, but both have very different and complex characteristics. It would be foolish to debate which is the tastiest. However, and perhaps I'm biased, but I think science gives us a practical understanding of our cosmos. Science is intended to find answers, philosophy proves that there isn't always one. Philosophy has always peaked my interest. I value the opinions and perspective of others, but I cannot debate about a subject when which something cannot be proved or disproved. Science tries to get humans to understand the cosmos, and philosophy tries to make the cosmos understand humans.

Red flags

I constantly find myself using the term ‘red flag’ whenever I notice something suspicious. I’m not at all sure many people know what I mean when I say it, though. 29 more words