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"It Somehow Forgets All The Poo Its Had In It!"

Homeopathy has got to be one of my biggest pet peeves with people. Probably more so than religion. Next to “Gluten-intolerance”. But not before anti-GMO…somewhere… 1,212 more words


Intermission Update: Going for Win-Win

It’s been two weeks since I posted that I am taking a break from blogging. I’ve still been reading posts in my Reader and at Patheos, just not as often and not leaving comments. 547 more words


An Honest Christian Song - Bryan Duncan, Into My Heart

I love music. I was a fan of contemporary Christian music for over 30 years of my life. There were many songs and artists that I found uplifting and inspirational. 327 more words


Paleo - The new hunger games

O Paleo, Paleo! Wherefore art thou Paleo? I had assumed as I typed Paleo into google that it might be referenced in terms of Paleolithic… 739 more words


Slaying the Skeptic Troll: A Primer

Maybe you’ve just started a blog. Or you are out on the web, answering questions about what works for you when you catch the common cold. 1,102 more words


Senator inhofe Fails Science

This senator has made the biggest fatal mistake in science.  He created a theory – global climate change is a hoax  – then he went looking for evidence to support this theory.  Since he found the “evidence” he wanted, he then could dismiss anything that disagreed, and thusly had to be wrong.  All 97% of scientists could be ignored.  It’s a conspiracy. 240 more words

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