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Were you really a Christian / Atheist?

Captain Cassidy is reviewing a book by a former atheist who converted to Christianity (see here). She touched on the question of whether the author was ever really an atheist. 951 more words


The Zero-Sum Lens

There are many ways of seeing things.  One perspective – particularly appealing, perhaps, to those who believe in yin and yang, give and take – is that of the zero sum. 1,040 more words

Episode 2 – The Only Prescription? My Brother's Urine!


Supplements / What is Athiesm? / Christian Rock / Teaching Creationism in the UK / Applied Kinesiology / UFO Sightings / Eyewitness Testimony / Beer Myths / 10 more words


"Can We Trust Any of Our Translations of the Bible?"

This a continuation of my review of “Can We Still Believe the Bible: An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions” Craig L. Blomberg, Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2014. 1,895 more words


A Concise History of Evolution and Religion

By Scott Kaelen
Scott Kaelen – Flogging a World of Dead Horses

Note: This is an extraordinary opportunity for us, here at Modern Atheist .org, to make available to our readers this remarkably detailed timeline – of some 80 seminal benchmarks to the initial rise of life, and its subsequent evolution – over the 4 and a half billion year history of planet Earth. 2,135 more words


Skeptic or Cynic... Either way, you people suck!

All of my life I have been doubtful. Doubtful of myself, my abilities, my friends, love, the people around me… People’s words just didn’t mean much to me. 2,042 more words