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Can Skeptics Handle The Truth About The Unexplained?

I got a sudden upsurge of traffic on the blog a couple of weeks ago after my last post. Mike Hallowell’s article claimed that a Neanderthal had been shot dead by time-travelling hunters using modern firearms. 1,630 more words


Traditions and Arrangements

It is Labor Day, a time to honor work, the working man and woman, those who contribute to our world with their time, talent, and the sweat of their brow. 1,158 more words

SFR 300: EVP Listening Party 3!

Today, for our 300th episode, we take an abbreviated look at the “World of the Weird,” then dive right into clip after clip of alleged ghost voices.  247 more words


Straightening Out Skeptics on Ockam's Razor

The skeptics often chant their mantra about parsimonious evaluation of data as a conventional method of choosing an answer where conclusive evidence is lacking–the Ockam’s razor test– taking whichever is the simpler answer to the question.  106 more words

Skepticism and Science or Will Someone Please, Please Tell Me I Didn't See a Giant Ape?

Skeptic: A person who tends to question or doubt an opinion; one who denies the possibility or does not believe certain ideas; one who purports to think in a more scientific manner than other persons whom the skeptic treats as simpleminded. 536 more words

Airline Pilot Teaches Skepticism, While Flying!

Comet Hale-Bopp was a sensation in 1997.  A comet easily seen by most residents of Earth, even those without telescopes or astronomical training. Living in NH is was easily seen for nights in our skies that are free from most light pollution.   577 more words


Review of "Can We Still Believe the Bible?" - Introduction (continued)

This a continuation of my review of “Can We Still Believe the Bible: An Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary Questions”, Craig L. Blomberg, Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2014. 1,603 more words