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I am a Reader (tarot and angel cards)...

And to be honest,

I’m a skeptic of other readers…


Instead of waiting for there to be some idea for me to toil over, I think I’m going to write just to write. I think it’s always great just to see where you end up once you’ve started. 791 more words

James Randi- Luke Donnelly

progress shot of a james randi inspired portrait- Luke Donnelly

Have a Little Faith. . .or Not!

I love this guy (Zach Anner) and his approach to people of faith.

Have a Little Faith (SoulPancake)

He’s a “searching” skeptic who’s curious about what people believe and why they believe. 120 more words


We have few boxes for children who question deeply. Growing up I recall being told that we do not ask God why. That provoked only one question in my mind. 295 more words


Friday Fun Flick, Easter Edition

My daughter, while an adult, still wants an Easter Basket.  This year I had to find the chocolate cross and to my surprise, chocolate Jesus Fish.   159 more words

Ad Ignorantiam

Ad Ignorantiam

Argumentum Ad Ignorantiam ( or Ad Ignorantiam, for short) means “argument from ignorance”. This is a fun fallacy, everyone!

Before I start on the fallacy itself, let’s start with a caveat. 634 more words