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Deadly delusions meet media madness

This is a terrible story. A man who had allegedly “developed a bizarre interest in conspiracy theories and aliens” admitted murdering his girlfriend, claiming that he believed his victim was possessed by the devil. 331 more words

Shields Gazette

The good kind of SGU

For quite some time, the only podcast I really listened to was Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. I heard about the show when a friend of mine (also known as Jyri “jryi” Jokinen) recommended it, so I thought to give it a chance, and I’m glad I did!


Why do you not believe in God?

This question is only for those who do NOT believe in God.

Why do you not believe in God? I really want to know. Please state briefly: 119 more words

mcgurk and me

Let’s spend less than two minutes with the McGurk Effect!

Do you think this is voodoo, satanic, or magic? Or do you think our brains are taking the conflicting information from the video and audio and giving it one sensible storyline? 60 more words


Rant, Rave, And Stir Up Controversy Pub nite

The next Freethinkers in the pub is Monday July 28.

Winston’s English Pub & Grill

243 21st Street East, Saskatoon, SK

On the patio out back, unless it’s raining in which case we will be somewhere inside. 16 more words


British MP Wants Astrology To Play A Part In Health Policy


Conservative MP David Tredinnick has recently spoken about his belief in astrology, and the fact that he thinks it should be integrated into UK health care. 256 more words


A Skeptic Fail: The Sad Story of My Poorly Informed Shoe Selection

As you know Pal, in the past five years I have become a recreationally semi-avid runner. I love it.  Physically, running has been great for my overall health. 1,173 more words