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The only reason I know something sportsball-like is going on right now is because I can’t watch any YouTube videos without really annoying half time ads right now. 557 more words

SFR 317: Chewing the Rag

–We kick off the show talking about the issues of the week by sipping on tea brewed with moth poop sent in by SFR listener Brian Atherton.   207 more words


I Hate Hell

The one concept in Christianity that bothers me more than any other, and continues to affect me more than any other, is the concept of hell. 1,339 more words


Talking about Abortion and the Argument from "Ew"

So, as I was gearing up for my First Talk Ever for FtBCon 3 (which starts today, and my talk is at 8:00CST, and here’s a… 502 more words


what to do with prayer.

Whats left when prayer isn’t there anymore? When all that’s left is good intentions, happy thoughts, kind reflections, well thought out hopes, mental expressions of goodwill…. 583 more words


iOS rejected - again

While the Android version is up and running the iOS version was just rejected for “Fraudulent metadata“. This is of course completely true, since a mobile app naturally can’t really know stuff about your future. 383 more words