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Forever 99.99 %

Absolutes simply don’t exist. There is always room for improvement since nature is dynamic, therefore science is as well. Some believers have this argument that one cannot completely trust science and its methods, because it will always be off limits to the ultimate “truth”. 252 more words


Were you really a Christian / Atheist?

Captain Cassidy is reviewing a book by a former atheist who converted to Christianity (see here). She touched on the question of whether the author was ever really an atheist. 951 more words


What is Scepticism/Skepticism?

Do you think sceptics are cynics, anti-religious bigots or just argumentative morons? You won’t believe how often I hear these things and how many times I have to tell people about how these perceptions are just way off the mark. 860 more words


Imagine Being Baptist

Imagine you are a Southern Baptist and a problem occurs to you: there are seven billion people on the planet and precious few of them share your ideology. 1,412 more words


Back to Our Corners

Another break from social media, another meltdown in the skeptic and/or atheist movement. My timing has been almost supernatural. If I thought the MDC would remain maybe I’d apply for the superpower of leaving social media right before the world of skepticism/atheism has another meltdown. 395 more words


"Wholeness transcends the door of neural networks"

“Your movement regulates objective life”
“The physical world is the ground of spiritual boundaries”

The above quotes as well as the title were just fun make-believe quote posts from a…

1,488 more words

Jesus and the Evidence of Absence

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

…except that, yes, it is. It’s evident that when one expects evidence if a thing were true, a… 1,097 more words