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Seeking God-The presuppositional Apologist

I got to talking to a presuppositional apologist the other day. He assured me everyone knows God exists whether they realize it or not, God being the source of all our knowledge. 292 more words


What's Wrong With Christian Purity?

The Christian sex scene is a bit of a joke. When the topic arises in Churches and youth groups, disclaimers abound, and the word “sex” is reflexively followed by “between a husband and a wife.” It’s a world of chastity bracelets, accountability buddies, chaperones, wholesome films, and promise rings – all in place to keep young genitals at a safe distance. 1,157 more words


My Response to John Rael's JREF Salon Video Is...You Should Watch It!

John had mentioned to me he was working on a video about the JREF, but he didn’t mention a blog post of mine would be featured. 268 more words


The Imaginative Skeptic

There are still some people out there considering skepticism to shatter “comfortable” illusions and slowly erase the wondrous mysteries of the universe. I myself have encountered those who think it strange that I apply skepticism to everything that fills the two aforementioned supposed objectives of the skeptic, and still can use my imagination when writing stories. 381 more words


Confidence and Trust Without Proof

The very definition of faith. Now, believers can argue about the arbitrariness of definitions and preferred religious/spiritual conduct, but higher powers tend to be incompatible with each other and, therefore, truth and falsehoods should exist even in the realm beyond matter. 481 more words


Religion: a Bad Reason to Do Good

In spite of a 2011 survey revealing atheists are on average as distrusted as rapists, I remain optimistic most would concede that some good people don’t believe in God. 1,426 more words


Can History "Prove" a Miracle?

The overwhelming consensus in secular circles seems to be no, that whether or not a supernatural and miraculous event occurred in the past is simply outside the purview of history, and history is literally incapable of establishing an event as being “miraculous” in nature. 537 more words