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Fertility Rites

Eastra, the doll of the season, was telling me the other day that in ancient times the beginning of spring at or about the time of the vernal equinox was celebrated with fertility rites which were meant to encourage a general fecundity among all living things animal and vegetable. 263 more words


Fisking Another Harassment Policy

Last year I critiqued the Skepticon harassment policy after its shortcomings became obvious after a gun incident. Well, another skeptic conference aimed at the same age group (my impression), Skeptech has a harassment policy that shows some learning from the Skepticon mistakes. 1,000 more words


Meet a #Skeptic Podcast : Science for the People

From their website:

“Science for the People is a syndicated radio show and podcast based in Edmonton, Alberta, that broadcasts weekly across North America. We explore the connections between science, popular culture, history, and public policy, to help listeners understand the evidence and arguments behind what’s in the news and on the shelves.” 8 more words


Irrational Exuberance, New Space, and Jaime Holding a Bucket of Cold Water

So as you know, I really like space. And I am as excited as anyone to think about new developments in space exploration. However, I am in a minority of the international space community when I admit that I’m not at all sanguine about the… 425 more words


The homeopathic drugs DO work. Because they're drugs

So, how can it be that homeopathy sometimes seems to work? Well there are a few possible explanations:

  1. The universe is broken
  2. Placebo etc.
  3. They’re cutting the stuff with real penicillin…
  4. 257 more words