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FUE: Frequently Used Evasions - #2

This is intended to explain and highlight repeated rationalizing by variations of believers in order to support their claims.

  • “Even phenomena explained by science are viewed with your opinions and biases.
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Simple Atheism IV: Skepticism

Ahhh skepticism! I’ve previously noted that atheism is a pretty simple concept—it’s just not accepting a belief in a deity. And in that, a person may actually believe any number of other, often equally absurd nonsense. 2,917 more words


Becoming Human

I’ve lately come to a startling realization that I’d like to try to put into words.  Perhaps more accurately I should say that I’ve had a growing realization that has suddenly dawned on me and has surprised me by its incongruity with so many other elements of my life.  2,163 more words


Wednesday of #TAM2014

I wasn’t checked into my hotel for more than five minutes when I started running into friends from TAM. I met Torkel as he was coming out of the elevator and a couple minutes later Jamie walked by after returning to the hotel from a previous donut run to Ronald’s (more on that in a later post). 280 more words


Para.Science - Orbs ARE a Load of Balls

For some believers in the paranormal, the site of orbs in a photo is confirmation of a spirit energy. To people like me, orbs are nothing more than something like dust. 54 more words


Only My World Rules

No, not in the egotistical way. It is a play on words, you figure it out.

A tendency that has become clearer with time is how much spiritualists and theists rely on their own thinking and to what degree they tend to obey their own internal logic. 328 more words


Leading Up to #TAM2014

(This is part of an unknown numbered series of blog posts about The Amazing Meeting 2014)

Every year I look forward to The Amazing Meeting. It’s an event that seems tailor made for my interests. 329 more words