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Jesus and the Evidence of Absence

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

…except that, yes, it is. It’s evident that when one expects evidence if a thing were true, a… 1,097 more words


Warning: It's Tradition

Among the many stagnating elements of cultural concoctions, tradition might be the worst enemy of progressive thinking. Certain traditions never let’s one forget the past, never to outgrow ancient philosophies or irrational behavior. 441 more words


Skeptoid Is No More


Brian has posted a message on his website: http://www.briandunning.com/message.html. It explains a great deal, it’s the kind of honesty from Brian I was hoping for, and it tells me that eBay and the US government have treated him shabbily.
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Critical Thinking + Open Mind = Growth

The path to growth of the mind is to be open to new ideas, but to filter them through the lens of critical thinking.

Allow me to introduce you to  408 more words


Objective morality as a proof of the existence of God? (more fun with Bayes theorem)


[Humble Pie Caveat: As I discovered through interacting with others in the Comments, this is a case of using the wrong tool - probability - to answer a question that involves modal logic. 1,267 more words


Black Sheep

It’s disappointing to lose a bit of respect for a family member, when my hope against the dreaded contrary is beginning to erode. It is now more evident than before that a certain type of people only apply a certain type of skepticism on inexplicable things. 502 more words

Atheism & Freethought

But Christianity must be true... Look at how people's lives improve when they convert!

This evening I went to a church and heard a missionary give a talk describing the work he does. Before I go further, I want to mention that I know this man, and he is a trustworthy person. 364 more words