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The Right to Die

Christianity often disappoints but seldom surprises me, at least until recently.

You’ve no doubt heard of Brittany Maynard, the terminally ill woman who elected to end her life on her own terms, rather than spiral into deeper levels of degradation, suffering, and confusion. 1,019 more words


Mindfulness with Karen Murphy

On Friday 21st November we are hosting a talk by Cork-based counsellor and psychotherapist Karen Murphy, who will deliver a detailed appraisal of the meditative practice of… 168 more words

Skeptics In The Castle

Just a Rant About The Irrational

Many times throughout history, doubt was first cast on a numinous subject whenever it wanted to emulate the sciences in order to establish legitimacy. Almost all conflicts between science and the spiritual emerge as a consequence of using a method that tend to always work, and applying it on something that never worked to begin with. 407 more words


Maintaining A Belief When the Evidence Says You're Wrong

I get ideas everyday of things to write about: tips, links to articles, strings of thematically similar posts on Facebook. I admit, I’m kind of a slow writer, and I often start a piece, get distracted and start notes on another topic, and wind up having multiple drafts I come back to as my mood suits me until I feel they are good enough to publish. 1,643 more words


Seeking God-The presuppositional Apologist

I got to talking to a presuppositional apologist the other day. He assured me everyone knows God exists whether they realize it or not, God being the source of all our knowledge. 292 more words


What's Wrong With Christian Purity?

The Christian sex scene is a bit of a joke. When the topic arises in Churches and youth groups, disclaimers abound, and the word “sex” is reflexively followed by “between a husband and a wife.” It’s a world of chastity bracelets, accountability buddies, chaperones, wholesome films, and promise rings – all in place to keep young genitals at a safe distance. 1,157 more words