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God's Character

Have you ever known you were called to do something, and you were good at it?  As assured as you can be that you are right for this particular thing, we cannot escape our human instinct that manifests itself in a performance mentality—which is usually judged by numbers.    1,514 more words

Apostasy Now Ep 20: AdeKwit - Strong Voice For Reason That's Only Getting Stronger

AdeKwit is an artist with many sides to his work. He is a Hip Hop artist, YouTuber, and skeptic to name just a few. The discussion goes in many directions including thoughts on how to deal with our religious peers and loved ones, as well as depression from an inside and outside perspective. 91 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast

Does God Know His Own Future Decisions?

This is another in a series of questions, criticisms, and attacks posed by skeptics.

Question: How can God know His future decisions? If God is all-knowing, how can He make any decisions at all, or choose one thing over another? 216 more words


Jesus and the Evidence of Absence

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”

…except that, yes, it is. It’s evident that when one expects evidence if a thing were true, a… 1,097 more words


Dancing 'Round Responsibility

My mother says, “Be good.”
I ask, “Who should?”
“The asker of that question,” she responds.

“I don’t know the one you speak of.”
“I certainly think he does.” 89 more words


Spelling Reform I: What is Spelling Reform?

This is part I of a three-part series on spelling reform.

Coming up: part II, past attempts at English spelling reform; part III, all the big, fun questions about English spelling reform. 345 more words


The Importance of Sourcing and Claim-Checking

Sometimes, internet arguments really get to me.

Not because I’m involved in them – mind you, I feel like I’m getting involved in more of them every day among my friends and family.   894 more words