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-my testimony reads more like an obituary-

Humans are an interesting species. We simultaneously desire to be distinguished from the crowd, different and unique, yet we crave connection. We long for others to notice our peculiarities and find them endearing. 813 more words


Conservatives are gay

When conservatives accuse LGBT rights activists of trying to turn everyone into homosexuals, I can’t help but chuckle. They say that homosexuality is a sinful temptation that must be resisted, and that if gay rights were to move forward, more people would become gay. 89 more words


Who Said That, Again?

I want to present you with the words of a man who in great part altered the course of human history. See if you can guess who it is… 469 more words


Beyond Mere Skepticism

Have you ever been told something — perhaps by someone you trust — that sounded good, that made sense — and that turned out to be false? 858 more words


Astrology: What's the Harm?


I’ve very rarely covered astrology on this blog (~5% of posts get tagged with it), mostly because there’s very little to say about it beyond the standard, “It doesn’t work!”, “There’s no physical reason why it should work,” and “Different astrology systems around the world conflict with each other but claim similar results, therefore it’s standard ‘psychic’ cold reading.” 1,161 more words



“Some peoples’ desire to hold on to belief overshadow their desire to know the truth.”


Believable Fiction as a Beacon in the Fog of War: Easy Falsehoods and 'the Islamic State'

Bismillah iRahmen iRaheem

Asalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmetullahi Wa Baraketahu

More than a year ago I wrote regarding the Syria conflict that ‘when a narrative appeals to you, that is the point at which you must be wary, for we rarely accept unappealing falsehoods, it is those that appeal that slip through the cracks in our incredulity.’ 1,272 more words