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Brief Debunk - Telepathy

Teleology: A basic assumption of telepathic abilities is that happenstance occurrences of events has significance, whereas most psychics forces sense into randomness and discard events that did not fulfill their expectations. 258 more words

Debunking & Skepticism

Empath and other things that I'm not

I’ve written one blog about Intuition & Psychic Ability: Your Spiritual GPS. I recently finished the book and found that it was chalk full of extras. 1,754 more words


British MP Wants Astrology To Play A Part In Health Policy


Conservative MP David Tredinnick has recently spoken about his belief in astrology, and the fact that he thinks it should be integrated into UK health care. 256 more words


Do we experience reality and what the **** is reality anyway? Continued....

Just as there are no convincing arguments for the existence of a thing outside of experience that causes experience there are no convincing arguments for there not being a thing outside of experience causing experience. 383 more words


Let there be shite

I’m sorry – I really just can’t think of a good title this time. Last night I read a fascinating post by Don Prothero, where he summarized his talk, about the mind of the science denier, from The Amazing Meeting 2014. 665 more words


Russell, Doubt and What Not to Die for

The 20th century British philosopher and mathematician, Bertrand Russell, once stated”I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” In one way, this is a sentiment toward skepticism and the recognition of our own limits and fallibility even on some of the most sincerely held beliefs and values. 1,105 more words

Distinctions And Philosophy

Apparently aliens can’t have salvation because Jesus didn’t save them - according to Ken Ham

If you haven’t already read Steven Novella’s recent post, Aliens are Sinners, please do so…

Although he doesn’t state it directly, it comes across loud and clear that believing in gods up in the sky is something our ancestors, who knew no better than thinking we are the centre of the universe, can be forgiven for – but for modern man to believe in such nonsense is absurd. 59 more words