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Thoughts... A Bonus Post

(I missed last week’s post.  It just didn’t happen.  I started a thought and then had to leave it, and it stayed in draft all week… and then my… 956 more words

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adjective: skeptical

  1. 1.

    not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.

    “the public were deeply sceptical about some of the proposals”

    synonyms: …

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On Sexism in Atheism and Skepticism


God damn it, I love being an atheist.

I love the skeptical inquiry; I love placing the burden of proof on those who spout their beliefs; I love pointing out the atrocities and injustices perpetuated by some (but not all) religions and some (but not all) theists; I love the sense of community that one finds surrounding atheism. 1,357 more words


The Thinking Atheist and Mental Illness

Earlier today I listened to The Thinking Atheist’s latest podcast, which was on mental illness. It was a wonderful podcast, as usual, and brought up some points that I feel are worth discussing. 597 more words

Not Ideas About the Thing

By Wallace Stevens. Currently listening to Michael Pisaro’s July Mountain (Three Versions) on Gravity Wave, inspired by the Stevens poem linked here, originally published in Atlantic Monthly, April 1955.


God's Character

Have you ever known you were called to do something, and you were good at it?  As assured as you can be that you are right for this particular thing, we cannot escape our human instinct that manifests itself in a performance mentality—which is usually judged by numbers.    1,514 more words

Apostasy Now Ep 20: AdeKwit - Strong Voice For Reason That's Only Getting Stronger

AdeKwit is an artist with many sides to his work. He is a Hip Hop artist, YouTuber, and skeptic to name just a few. The discussion goes in many directions including thoughts on how to deal with our religious peers and loved ones, as well as depression from an inside and outside perspective. 91 more words

Apostasy Now Podcast