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Russell, Doubt and What Not to Die for

The 20th century British philosopher and mathematician, Bertrand Russell, once stated that he “would never die for his beliefs because I might be wrong.” In one way, this is a sentiment toward skepticism and the recognition of our own limits and fallibility even on some of the most sincerely held values and beliefs. 1,148 more words

Distinctions And Philosophy

Apparently aliens can’t have salvation because Jesus didn’t save them - according to Ken Ham

If you haven’t already read Steven Novella’s recent post, Aliens are Sinners, please do so…

Although he doesn’t state it directly, it comes across loud and clear that believing in gods up in the sky is something our ancestors, who knew no better than thinking we are the centre of the universe, can be forgiven for – but for modern man to believe in such nonsense is absurd. 59 more words


Reason and Faith

Some argue that both reason and faith can be reconciled. The argument is this: when you get into your car you are not 100% certain you will survive. 269 more words


Do we experience reality and what the **** is reality anyway?

Is there a reality that causes our experience? If so how can we come to know it?

There have been numerous naïve responses to these questions in the past. 429 more words


PSA: Yes. I AM being passive-agressive.

A few facts:

Atheism is not a religion, whatever college may have taught you.

Atheists don’t hate god. We also don’t hate the tooth fairy. Go figure. 116 more words


Inaugural Brisbane Skepticamp is a Roaring Success!

Last Saturday, the 19th of June 2014, I was lucky enough to head along to the very first ever Brisbane Skepticamp. It was held at Hamilton, a handsome river-side suburb in gorgeous Brisbane. 413 more words


My Problem With Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion is one of the most interesting books I’ve read on the subject of skepticism. Its author, Richard Dawkins, has made many presentations I’ve enjoyed and I’ve just ordered his DVD, The Unbelievers. 244 more words