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The Walking Dead

Since it’s Easter, I have some open questions for my evangelical Christian friends about a puzzling passage from Matthew 27:45-54. Here it is in context: 745 more words


is belief in god irrational? - that is not the question

Debates between theists and atheists have become commonplace over the past few years, for better or worse, and the topic has often been vague enough to allow the protagonists plenty of leeway to espouse their views. 2,401 more words


Holiday or holy day

Wilfred Owen was a British poet who built his reputation as a severe critic of the First World War. (In fact, he lost his life in France two weeks before the Armistice was signed.) As a result of the carnage he witnessed in the trenches young Owen, like so many men of that generation, lost his supernatural faith.  330 more words


Math in the Real World: Case Study

A couple of smart guys working for a giant company everybody has heard of are given an impossible task: Build a model that generates usable economic numbers reflecting behaviors for which there are no data. 399 more words


Faith: A False Virtue

Excerpted from Disbelief 101: A Young Person’s Guide to Atheism, by S.C. Hitchcock

In our culture, perhaps no single word conjures up such positive overtones as the word… 2,517 more words


Meaning making

Humans are deep meaning-making machines. At every instant of our lives, we seem to be processing our environments, both social and physical, and interpreting them in meaning-rich ways. 274 more words


More Commitment

I recently listened to a podcast in the interesting “Philosophy Now” series which discussed commitment. You might think that commitment has got to be a good thing, but like many superficial analyses, this is not necessarily true. 770 more words