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Let's Do The Time Warp Again

The one on the left is a drawing from my early childhood :D and the one on the right is a revision of that monster drawn in 2011. How time flies.


Same old Don...

Quick Mad Men sketch. THought I’d test out some new brushes!


That bat is soooo happy

Old sketch of a bat monster, called flapsy. :)


Another Unsung Hero - Courtroom Sketch Art

This for me is one art form that is arguably the hardest to get right, given the fact that the artist has a “moving target” and the artist would have a short space and time to depict to the best of his/her ability the proceedings inside the court to give us the best idea of what emotions take place so that what we read in the newspaper makes more sense. 254 more words


Old weird monster. :) I love birds.