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Saturday Night

Speedy scribble stuff. Magazine and photo reference. Busy painting but it’s coming slowly.


Sketches By JoyJoy: Steam Fashion on My Phone

Today I finally got my phone fixed so I started working on sketches on my phone..


On Dancing (and Being)

So, lately, I’ve been dancing.

And loving it.

This past year has been kind of a (fun and exhilarating and much-welcomed) challenge to me… as myself. 770 more words


The ubiquitous green bottles of Andalucia

Anybody who lives in Andalucia, and maybe Spain,will have seen these green bottles. We inherited this one when we bought the house and, like most people, used it to collect corks (mostly cava corks…) so it is, as far as I am concerned anyway, a sign of a good life lived :-) It was not easy to draw, all those corks(!) and 2 light sources…..but I hope have captured it somewhat.


House Sketch using Pencil by Kannika

This sketch was done by Kannika using just pencil | #kannika 9 more words