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Side-Project Paraphernalia

A Triptych created on the subject of ‘(be)longing’ – ‘I Own You’ Parts 1, 2, and 3.

Sketchbook Pages

Here are two pages from my sketchbook.  They are a collection of faces, monsters and the rest of the usual stuff I like to draw.  There is an Incredible Hulk looking face and one that looks like a Nineteenth Century Russian novelist.  26 more words

David Jernigan

Multiple bodies - drawing experiments

To further the concept of disembodiment that can be felt being a victim of sexual abuse, I decided to trial collaging some of my drawings. I tried resembling the sliced body and mixing both media and scale, the result of which can be seen in the very top image. 81 more words


Wedding announcements

Inspiration for drawing is everywhere. Recently when a friend of mine posted pictures from her wedding on Facebook, I could not help but interpret them in my own style. 46 more words


2014: The Year of the Dog (and other delightful detours)

This has been an amazing year in my corner of the world for many reasons, and only some of them are related to art-making. There have been numerous (happy) detours away from the studio, including my son’s wedding and the birth of my first grand-baby, Sadie.  241 more words

Sketchbook Pages

NEVER SEEN BEFORE! Sketchbook pages and failed paintings :)

Well, since I can’t think of a good idea for a proper article today, I thought that I’d take you on yet another mysterious tour through the unseen pages of my sketchbooks. 385 more words


End of Journal Self Portrait

I’ve been doing more oil painting than sketching lately so it’s taken longer than usual to fill my journal and get to the last page that I always save for a self-portrait (above). 253 more words

Sketchbook Pages