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Spring Things and not so Spring-y Things (Self-Portrait)

This little fig tree has survived so much: being transplanted, then a killer frost, and then transplanting again after sewer line work. As soon as leaves sprouted this year so did two figs. 127 more words

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A Rude Awakening

This morning I was abruptly woken by what I thought was a crashing noise. I listened for a few minutes to see if I’d really heard a noise or it had just been the tail end of a dream…nothing. 681 more words

Studio Time

Progress on Final Project After First Week

I have spent this week collating all the research which I carried out in the previous week and adding it to my sketchbook, whilst also delving further in to research in certain areas. 158 more words

Final Project

Spring! Iris!

I put my sketching stool in my front garden to paint the one iris that decided to bloom this year. The past two years none of them bloomed and I think it’s because you’re maybe supposed to dig up the bulbs and separate them and plant them further apart when they get too crowded? 77 more words

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Dog Chews #6: Saved the Worst for Last: Puffed Pig Snout and a Tooble

I am so glad to move on from this series finally! Lately I’ve been sketching lovely spring scenery, trees and flowers but before I post them, here are the last and the grossest of the dog treats. 161 more words

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Dog Chews #5: Pig From Head (Ear) to Toe (Hoof)

Second to last of the gross dog chew sketches: pig ears and pig hooves. While these are pretty nasty, they aren’t the worst. That comes next. 108 more words

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My Art in a Book, a Field Guide and a New Commission

In the end, they licensed 18 of my sketches for use in the printed field guide. Above are a few of the pages, brilliantly composed by the art director. 493 more words

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