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escape from the bologna factory

I’m trying to do 1 drawing a day. Lily came to our house for a playdate with Handsome and her mom said the funniest thing…..”Lily is shaped like a bologna tube.” I thought about this all night! 31 more words


Tree Sketch

It has been a while since I last posted a page from my sketchbook. So here is one :) I drew this while sitting out in my backyard. 52 more words


Sketchbook 8/27/14

I volunteer once a week with my daughter’s kindergarten class. The kids are so much fun! I want to write down everything they say. I try to memorize as much as I can and then I jot it in my journal the second I am done. 68 more words


Leftover Pokéballs

I made my coworker a Pokéball birthday card and didn’t want to waste the extra paint so I started doodling in my sketchbook :D.

This is my first fall after graduating with my BFA and it feels weird not going back to school after summer! 36 more words


SKETCHBOOK: She all leathers and a gap tooth....

DOn’t know why a gap tooth can be hot, it’s an odd thing, but a sexy thing


Travellers tales 2

An elderly couple travelling together – she is reading to him. Sometimes he looks out of the window while he listens; other times he looks at the page from which she is reading, closing the circle.


Travellers tales

Woman leaning on her elbow, concentrating on a crossword. Somehow she is able to shut herself down from the babble around her on a busy ferry crossing the channel in August.