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Art Block Biproducts

Today was full of existential crisis and crippling artistic self-doubt. Finally ended up sketching this with little regard for clean lines or correct anatomical proportions and I feel a little better now.



Just some character designs I did based on the West African God, Anansi (the spider). I really wanted to design one of the tricksters, but pop culture has already kind of ran with Loki and Hermes, and Anansi is probably my favorite of them anyway! 29 more words


Day 65 - 30/60 Second Gestures

Varied media with gestures, with two sets using familiar materials (pencil and micron pen) and a third with a…Pitt artist pen? That’s what the label says anyway.   38 more words

Daily Draw

Eggs & Peeps

It’s the time of year when the bunnies leave eggs and there are lots of bright yellow chicks.

Normally, I’d not post these happy sketches until Easter day, but I will be otherwise involved on Easter.  Hopefully, there will be sketches!


Nine Cards (04-15-2014) - Project Snail Mail 7

Nine Cards (04-15-2014)
Ink on nine 2×3 inch recycled cardboard
©2014 Wayne A. Gagnon

Note: These cards were created as part of Project Snail Mail 7. 26 more words



 The caption says it well:  I really do love asparagus.

My aunt Janis is responsible for this particular love affair.  She introduced me to asparagus when I was in high school, I think.   10 more words