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Bringing our Ideas to Life by Susette A.C.

After extensive research and a thorough discussion, Comfort4U has finally agreed on a final design and it has been brought to life! During our last class we were given a big piece of paper where we were to sketch three design proposals. 543 more words


Fried Sketch 1 | Schizzo Fritto 1

Well, let’s start a new series: the Fried Sketches. And here’s the first one. 9 more words

Marco Bigliazzi

Day 42

What a day it’s been. These drawings are like yoga for the brain. They make me stretch in a way I don’t do very often, and making my self do them is helping with discipline. 111 more words


Owls again, again, again.

Looking for the shapes in an owl’s face. I put this together last night while taking an evening off from riding bikes into the hills. 91 more words

That Crazy Cat Guy

Ten times more social than that Crazy Cat Lady but also ten times more crazy.

This is a cross picture of a friend’s online persona in his everyday life…lounging with his cats. 6 more words