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September for everyone.

That includes me! I’m back at the Academy. These are some of my attempts today…


Traveling to California

First, of course, you are on a plane for hours.  I was dreading the whole process until I started drawing. I had been watching sketchbook skool and had been practicing  the “deep dive”. 215 more words

Life Drawings Galore: week 1

Here it comes again!  Prepared to be bombarded with life drawings!

Kaitlyn Fuchs

The Skulls of Babies

No one knows (yet), but the title of this post is actually me making fun of Claudio from Coheed and Cambria. In their song “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3″, Claudio tries to sound hard and says “I’d cut the throats of babies”. 114 more words


Original Joinery - Crossing Joint

This joint was inspired by the realization that joinery used in frame and panel doors always results in a visual discontinuation of the vertical component, whereas the horizontal component usually carries through to an adjacent component. 153 more words