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Sketching Ourselves and other Characters

New Sketchers. 12noon Monday August 25 ’14

This is a series of 3 classes for some keen sketchers who we couldn’t squeeze into our weekly classes – so it’s a bit of a ‘special’ really. 2,225 more words


Ballpoint Pen-Toned Paper #57

I’m not finding as many subjects for my toned paper sketchbook as before but I managed to get these done last week.


Ballpoint Pen Sketches #53

Ballpoint pen sketches of random people in public settings. I haven’t drawn with a graphite pencil in a long time and I think I much prefer the ballpoint pen at this point.


Ballpoint Pen Sketches #52

Got a lot of sketches to post. These are ballpoint pen sketches from my sketchbook of random people done in a public setting like a fast food restaurant or a public transportation. 25 more words