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Seashell Mailbox finished digital painting

Here’s the finished version of my seashell mailbox design.

Sketching under a Croatian sun

It can get really hot under the croatian sun. At the beach, one can really enjoy swimming and playing but we also had plenty of time to rest in the shadows of the pine trees. 175 more words

Urban Sketching

063_Train station Maribor: quicker

I didn’t like the previous sketch too much so I sketched one other sketch of the train station, this time with graphite stick. I like the composition of volumes and play of horizontal and vertical accents in this late slovenian functionalist architectural complex. 26 more words


062_Maribor train station

At one point in life I was daily passing the old train engine to enter the Maribor train station and commute to Ljubljana. The engine still ‘decorates’ the entrance but I rarely pass it these days.


Drawing Without (Really) Looking

This is my attempt at drawing without (really) looking. It’s kind of like blind contour, but with more cheating and marker sniffing. 


Beginner's Art - Portrait Drawing

I made first attempt at portrait drawing yesterday and made a sketch of my two year old nephew. Check it out here.

Today was my second attempt and made a portrait of my younger brother Hassan Abbas.


Some thoughts about time

As summer is flying by I find there is never time enough to accomplish all I have planned.   I feel like the snail moving slowly while the rest of the world goes streaming by.