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Boy skiing

Zawoja, Poland

boy, ski, winter, snow, speed, Zawoja, Poland, landscape, green, grey, funny, winter sports, winter delights

baietel pe schiuri, copil cu schiurile, partie de ski in Polonia, ochelari pentru schiat, verde, gri, sport de iarna, sport de zapada


First lessons

Zawoja, Poland

ski,kid, junior, ski lessons, Zawoja, Poland, landscape, red, grey, snow, winter, ski resort, winter delights, snow sports

copil pe skiuri, baietel cu schiurile, statiune de ski, schi, echipament de ski, rosu, gri, zapada, sport de iarna, bucuriile iernii



Zawoja, Poland

ski, snowboard, cable-cart, skiing slope, snow, winter, Zawoja, Poland, white, grey, blue, landscape

partie de ski in Zawoja, Polonia, telescaun, zapada, iarna, alb, gri, albastru, deliciile iernii


First Ski of the Season

I managed to squeeze in my first ski of the season just before January’s end, with only ten hours to spare. After two snow heavy winters, this year’s in Southwestern Ontario seems a bit odd. 420 more words


In my own household in Sydney, I am notoriously well known for the countless hours I spend on Youtube, watching movie trailers. In my defense, I will say that they make for great entertainment but there are arguments my parents have put forward, that I hate to admit, are right. 1,036 more words


Ski Day 6 – Return To Kaltenbach , Hoch Zillertal

There is something about a last days skiing that ought to have been reduced down to a second last days skiing or something akin on this holiday, after all we had another half day lined up, a pre-departure last half day.. 1,302 more words