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The beauty of job searching...

… it’s time to share something personal again, dear readers.

As most of you know, I’m in a place in life, where the unknown is scary yet exciting. 619 more words


It's Mostly Water Weight

It’s Mostly Water Weight

Water retention can be a sign of serious health problems, as when water pools around the ankles or causes the belly to become very large and distended. 457 more words


Futures and Strategy [2]

As part of our agenda to improve the capability of organisations to make robust decisions in uncertain times, we are running a small workshop for the Strategic Planning Society (SPS) – mostly practitioners – and the British Academy of Management (BAM) – mostly Academics. 122 more words


Sick Day Project/ #2 Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is constantly on my list of things to learn. I have been earnestly watching video tutorials and half-arsedly clicking at art boards for several months now, so yesterday I put my scant knowledge into practice and actually  181 more words

Grzegorz Czarnecki unique artwork at www.bgallery.co.uk

Grzegorz Czarnecki




 My name is Grzegorz Czarnecki. Currently I reside in Maspeth, New York, but originally I am from Poland. Ever since my youth I have had a profound interest in carpentry. 183 more words

Superman wannabe 妄想

This photo doesn’t mean I reached superman status. I am someone who wants to be a superman. Neither the way I write is the way I talk to real friends. 638 more words

The Blood and the Cauldron Part 1 by Karen Soutar

Karen wrote The Blood and the Cauldron for our Vampire month. Do you remember Kate, the witch? Turns out our Dear Kate has some connections to our beloved Lochie Witches. 148 more words