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True Amigos?

Many people are always trying to find their true group of friends, but others are willing to be more of the flamboyant kind of person; where they are able to jump from group to group. 667 more words


Should I Get a Standing Desk?

Should I Get a Standing Desk?

Maybe. But the main thing you should do is resist the temptation to sit, especially in a single position, for hours at a time. 381 more words


Legal Tech Audit: The Video

D. Casey Flaherty demonstrates why he developed the Legal Tech Audit.  That cool tech at the end is TutorPro’s Live Content Studio.



Well, I took the Law Entrance exam in one of the law schools here in our city last week. My IQ test results shows that I have an average IQ but my critical skills test shows that I’m below average.I wonder if my application will still be accepted. 66 more words

A Try For Gourock!

Over the past few weeks, Primary 6 have been taught Rugby tactics by coaches Brendan and Sam. The coaches have been teaching us the essential skills needed to play rugby. 241 more words

Building Our 'Toolbox Of Skills'

Good Kisser

It’s funny how songs always seem to inspire blog titles for me. I’ll be listening to my music and then either some words in a song or the title of the song, suddenly inspire me to write something for y’all once again. 331 more words

Real Talk