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What Do You Have?

The truth is you are talented, but sometimes we don’t place a high value on what we already have’. 

I recently attended a concert hosted by a very special friend of mine; she is a gospel choir director and an absolutely amazing one to say the least.

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Should Anyone Be Jobless?

Vanessa Evans reached her mid-thirties, bored with her job as a paralegal. She had been promised more responsibilities, but more young, fresh-from-law-school attorneys were added to the staff. 400 more words


Public Speaking Skills

A software development blog might seem like a strange place to talk about public speaking. But software developers should learn good presentation skills, as it is a great way to market yourself whilst sharing your knowledge and experience with the community. 538 more words


Lowering the Common Denominator

Two things prompted this blog post. First: @jamestheo’s blog post entitled “Embracing Desire Paths in the Curriculum,” in which @jamestheo makes the excellent analogy that effective teaching is somewhat like the idea of “desire lines,” which are an often unanticipated byproduct of perhaps less-than-effective city planning. 1,019 more words


Some notes on coaching

Some weeks ago the ThoughtWorks office in Quito got visit from Jennifer Mounce, who together with Marcelo Oliveira run a great coaching workshop. During the sessions they first laid the ground explaining the most basic concepts we should about coaching, like what a coach is and how is different from a mentor and a sponsor (in the ThoughtWorks context). 433 more words


Do You Have What It Takes?

If you’re a beginner like myself, you might think that you have what it takes to be one of the top Wedding Coordinators in New York. 701 more words

Going in for the FIRST KISS.

The First Kiss

By Savage.

Most people think that getting a first kiss from a girl is as simple as setting the mood from when you are in the right place to kiss her. 1,199 more words