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Fast and Simple

Blue barries
Skimmed milk
Lime sorbet

It doesn’t matter how much you like to make, as long as you make sure that 30% of the shake consist of berries, 30% of milk and 40% of sorbet.

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#todaysconclusions 10/04/14

Working out if your ankle is still ruined by allowing your mates to boot a ball at it repeatedly is unorthodox but effective.

My reduced aisle nemesis has curly hair and drives a Peugeot 306. 38 more words


Snacks at Work

Snacks at Work

Snacking during the day, in a healthy way, helps to balance our body’s daily nourishment needs. Snacking helps to avoid over-eating at a next “main” meal because we are not feeling “starved”. 352 more words

Skimmed Milk

Skinny Coconut and Vanilla Muffins

Skinny Coconut and Vanilla Muffins

I was wondering what to do with the whole coconut which I’d bought on Sunday and only used a few shavings for our Sunday curry. 303 more words

Skimmed Milk

Daily Health Tips: Is Skimmed Milk Good While Pregnant and While Breastfeeding?

Q: Dr please, is skimmed milk good for pregnant and breastfeeding mums?

A: Skimmed milk is milk from which practically all the fat has been removed. 173 more words

Healthier Greek Pastitsio

Healthier Greek Pastitsio

I love lasagne type dishes and this, my version, of the alternative Greek lasagne, Pastitsio, has tons of flavour like the full original Pastitsio. 514 more words


Perfect Porridge

Gym Day Healthy Breakfast


I cannot extol enough how much I love oats, not just for all of the fantastic health benefits* they have but also for the many different kinds of cooking and flavouring these gifts from nature can take, for example my… 315 more words

Skimmed Milk