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Skip the tan to help prevent skin cancer

Getting a healthy tan isn’t possible, according to Baylor College of Medicine professor of dermatology Dr. Ida Orengo. But staying healthy in the sun is possible with the right preparation. 119 more words


#PubHT discusses tanning as a public health problem

Over 3.5 million cases of basal and squamous cell skin cancer are diagnosed in the US on an annual basis, according to the American Cancer Society. 248 more words

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The Truth About Sun Exposure

What are the dangers?

Sunburn is the most immediate danger of too much exposure to the sun. Sunburn isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s actually deep celluar damage to the skin cells and blood vessels! 538 more words

Skin Cancer Cases on the Rise

Summertime means more people spending time outside, and according to the American Cancer Society, the number of skin cancer cases is on the rise.

In fact, more cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year than breast, colon, prostate and lung cancers combined. 317 more words


Surgeon general issues skin cancer warning

Skin cancer is on the rise, according to the American Cancer Society, with more cases diagnosed annually than breast, prostate, lung and colon cancer cases combined. 682 more words


What I Learned From My Skin Cancer Scare

A vivid childhood memory of mine is watching my father undergo a series of surgeries on one spot on his forehead. Dad, a fair-skinned blue-eyed man of Celtic descent, had spent all his childhood summers on the beaches of New England, and in those far-off days no one knew how dangerous repeated sunburns could be for kids. 537 more words

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