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All About Rose Hips

A little info on rose hips.

They are actually the FRUIT of a rose plant!
When rose flowers say goodbye and drop their petals, left on the branch is an itty bitty berry-like rose hip. 150 more words

Aloe Vera- The Real MVP

In my humble opinion, aloe vera is nature’s true MVP, a way to make amends with redheads for all the sunburns they have. This is a super plant that can probably help you more than you thought. 270 more words


Your new favourite molecule

 Yup, you now have a favourite molecule. Unless you already have a favourite molecule that is. I mean, I don’t want to piss off benzene or anything. 376 more words


How to Keep a Fresh Face Throughout the Day!

Happy Labor Day my beautiful bloggers! I hope everyone is enjoying their day! If you’re working, thank you for your time and I hope you get to relax soon! 866 more words

Another bb cream

Considering I dislike bb creams I have brought another… Simple has a really good reputation for skin care, not so much in makeup. But I thought maybe this has the goodness of the skin care in makeup. 175 more words

Lost in Spa........ oppss the Arcade

The Arcade  opened today. wow took me two hours to get in .  but worth it I am now the proud owner of  my own space rocket. 99 more words


Out of the Red! Understanding Rosacea

What is Rosacea?
Rosacea is a common, yet somewhat mysterious phenomenon and is thought to affect millions of people worldwide, but is still poorly understood by the medical profession and rosaceans alike. 912 more words

Acne Rosacea