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Quick Tip: In Deep

I’ve been enjoying clear skin for a while now. However, I recently splurged and indulged myself with too many sugary and fatty foods while in vacation. 161 more words


Simple Pimple Solutions

I understand all too well waking up to find a large, atrocious eruption on your face. An unwelcome and displeasing sight with the pairing of worrying how it got there.

471 more words

5 Surprising Facts About Chemicals Found in Cosmetics

It turns out what you don’t know can kill you. Here’s some facts about toxic chemicals found commonly in household and beauty products. How much do you know about what you’re putting on your skin? 148 more words

Skincare Love: FutureDerm's Vitamin CE Caffeic Silk Serum 16+2

There’s three things your skin needs from your morning skincare routine: moisture, antioxidants (to prevent oxidative stress) and sun protection. Futurederm’s Vitamin CE Caffeic serum is my go to serum for the mornings. 577 more words


Skincare 101: Finding Your Skin Type

Look at your skin closely. Do you see cracking and redness? Shininess and pimples? Fine lines and dark spots? These are the characteristics of your skin type and the problems you should be targeting. 567 more words


The Oil Cleansing Method

Let’s get over the myth that acne and oil don’t mix.

Oil Cleansing. Oily-skinned ladies might cringe at this phrase. Putting oil on top of oil? 342 more words