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Gimmick or greatness? Sarah Chapman Skinesis Spot Sticker

* sarah chapman skinesis spot sticker // £19 *

I’ve wanted to try out Sarah Chapman skincare for a long ole while now and have been lusting after the much-hyped Overnight Facial for ruddy yonks, but still haven’t been able to bring myself to hand over £45 in return.  367 more words


Hanyul Rice Essential Skin Softner and Emulsion

I was waiting to use these products because I have a Su:m37 package on the way of their Time Energy Line that I’m dying to try out, but these two products were staring me down and telling me I must test them. 1,217 more words

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A £1 Pore Pow Wow

Hey everyone!

Today I want to tell you about Creighton’s Squeaky Clean Pore Pow Wow Face Mask.

Up until recently I have been a serial pound shop snob and loathed everything they stood for, from tacky little ornaments to their generally questionable clientele (although that’s probably due to where I live). 413 more words


[活動]再一次的KC Mall● "美肌密碼" 護膚講座

認得這裡嗎?沒錯,又是位於觀塘的KC MALL~今次Wing再一次來到這裡參加活動喔~!!


他面前這部咖啡機是新的啦,是在哪裡引進的Wing忘記了(怎麼最近的記性愈來愈差- -),全港只有19部,這是其中一部啦~

Wing點了一杯Green Tea Latte啦,不算很甜,奶味也不很重的,綠茶味可以再濃一點會更好~美美的外表搭夠今次綠茶味不足吧~=3=


不知怎地,拿著Green Tea Latte就很想要來個自拍 (不要打面好嗎~=3=…)~放工後鬆一鬆嘛~~~


對喔,入正題啦,今次這個活動的名字是「”美肌密碼” 護膚講座」啦,由KC KOREA的老闆娘親身教學,原來她是韓國人來的丫~年紀嘛..Wing不透露啦,只能說她保養得很好啦,而且她超可愛呢~!!一面聽著她的分享,一面想想自己平日的護膚程序,幸好Wing的護膚程序是洽當的啦..要不然真的…好啦,跟著她就為我們分享韓妞的化妝小秘訣,還有很多不同的護膚心得..聽著聽著已經兩個小時了~這個講座的時間過得真快~







相關博文:[活動]到訪KC MALL的一夜~「美得健康」講座 33 more words


Why NeriumAD is the FASTEST growing skincare launch ever!

At Nerium we say “if you know someone with skin, you can share Nerium!”

Nerium is the fastest growing company in the industry. To achieve $100 million in it’s first 12 months, with just ONE product, and ONE country. 263 more words


Product Review: Gatineau Aquamemory Moisture Replenish Mask

French skincare brands are constantly touted as having some of the skin-friendliest products out there, so I took advantage of one of Adore Beauty‘s amazing promotions to buy Gatineau’s Moisture Replenish Mask (and I received a handful of deluxe Gatineau samples for free!). 77 more words

I’m super excited to announce that I’ve received the Liebster award..woo hoo!!

This award was given to me by Terri..thanks so much, girl!

Here are the rules:

1. Write a post answering the questions you have been given. 380 more words