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Avon Makeup Haul

It feels like a long time since ive last done a beauty haul. Something a little different today, an Avon haul. I’ve used Avon for years my mum would order off her friend and i would borrow her makeup when i was little, as i grew up i started buying my own and i think at one point i had all the ColorTrend collection, come on i bet all you young teen girls did too?! 452 more words


Can Probiotics Give You Flawless Skin?

We know probiotics are good for your digestive health and weight control, but could this non-digestible food ingredient be the next big thing in skincare? 415 more words


Some more holiday purchases

So it has been a wee while since my last blog post (ooops so busy doing Chalet Host stuff I never had a minute to do another one until now as we are guest free!) and there are some practical plus one fun purchase thrown in too! 559 more words


Amie Skincare

Around five years ago, my nan introduced me to a skincare range called Amie. Amie is an all natural brand and has really helped me over the years. 108 more words


Bargain Bliss with Along Came Betty

I found myself home alone on Tuesday night and planned a relaxing bath. I planned to pick up a bottle of Radox to chill with but this caught my eye instead. 94 more words

Worth The Hype??: Dream Dots Spot Treatment

For some reason, I don’t talk a lot about spot treatments on my blog. Which is very odd considering that up until a few months ago, spots were a regular thing in my life. 300 more words

My Summer Must-Haves

Today I’d like to share with you a couple of things which I love during the summer! 310 more words