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Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser.

Good Things Miracle Mattifier Moisturiser – £7.99.

I don’t need to repeat myself again by telling you all that I have oily skin as I’m sure you all know that by now. 441 more words


Over to you: skincare woes

As you guys may have noticed, I spend a lot of my time talking at y’all about my thoughts on beauty and skincare. But today I thought I’d turn the tables and open up something of a dialogue to get everyone chatting about whichever beauty topics matter most to them. 274 more words


Surf’s Up

It’s the stuff of wannabe beach babe dreams. Bumble and bumble were doing the whole Surf Spray ‘I don’t care’ holiday hair thing years before anyone else and that’s why they rule my roost when it comes to hair maintenance. 214 more words


Sucked in by Superdrug. Again.

Another haul. Mostly of bargains. All of this together cost £21.40. Not bad.

So we have:

  • A blowpro dry texture spray (maybe like the Oribe one that is waaay too expensive for me…
  • 126 more words

Doctorcos 爆水神器氨基酸核糖面膜分享

今天要來分享最近網上超紅的韓國”爆水神器”~  Doctorcos 是韓國的醫學品牌, 研發中心是重點從嶄新細胞培養基中増殖體內所需的營養, 幫助舒緩肌膚疲憊, 從而呈現肌膚最健康的狀態!

這次試用了第一代和第二代的面膜, 很多人都說銀色的第二代是升級版, 其實也不完全對. 白色的第一代只針對臉部,灰色的第二代是可以敷的面膜,在第一代的基礎上,提高皮膚彈力,改善皺紋,亮膚等功效以及能用及全身!哪裡干就涂哪裡:面部、頸部、手、足、腿身體各個部位都可以用,還可以當護髪素使用。


而這次”爆水神器”標榜的又是氨基酸成份, 那就先說說氨基酸對肌膚的作用吧:





上完這課本的資料, 當然試用才是真感覺嘛!

第一代氨基酸面膜偏凝膠狀, 只要在手上推開不到3秒便會推出水珠來, 這就是所謂的”爆水”吧!

塗在手上很快就吸收了, 不會有太油的感覺, 補濕度也算是不錯~ 6 more words


Memebox Superbox #28 Free From Oil & Trouble 3

What is Memebox?

I resisted buying into the subscription beauty box craze, because the last thing I needed was to have an entire box of stuff mailed to me every month. 533 more words


Feel Good & Look Good at 30,000 Feet

Travelling in an airplane can be exciting and at the same time, strenuous and straining. Personally, I dread the long plane ride and I have always been more eager to reaching my destination. 682 more words