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#hap2014 - 265 - Take The Skinheads Bowling (by Camper Van Beethoven)

Have you ever written something that was supposed to rhyme, but you just couldn’t find the right words to give the whole thing meaning AND flow? 127 more words


Me On The Jerry Springer Show circa 1992

I’m a little fired up about the skin head talking to me. I am an audience member and suppose to be writing a paper for the professor at my school. 42 more words


Strange Moments in Video Gaming - Part 9

There are some words you never expect to appear together in the same sentence.

Today’s word salad comes to you courtesy of Vigilante by Data East. 11 more words

Video Games


Derek Ridgers’ new book, ‘Skinheads 1979-1984’ offers perhaps the most comprehensive snapshot to date of a youth culture, and a country, in crisis.

As a photo essay it is little short of remarkable, capturing the boredom and ennui of its young skinhead subjects as they gather for bank holiday weekend seaside jollies or just generally loaf about London streets with little to do but strike the expected poses – straight arm salutes, white power insignia, swastika T shirts. 431 more words

Return of the Rudeboy

Primped, preened, fine and dandy.  Vintage epaulettes, masonic pins, fob chains, shirt boxes, ‘Sunday best’ comb collections housed in a pristine leather case.  You get the picture.  465 more words