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Brogues+button down tie top+skinnies+blue clutch.

Hello lovelies,hoping you day was okay??Most of you if not all will agree with me that there is nothing as exciting as getting a fab pair of shoes,clothing or jewellery at a pocket friendly price,right?Well,my pair of brogues come into mind.For ksh 150 only i was lucky to get the white pair of brogues after a tireless search.Felt like id won a jackpot:)The reason i am a sucker for brogues is because they are comfortable and versatile.I think every lady should own at least a pair of these lovely shoes.I  wore my brogues with a pair of black skinnies that cost me ksh 200 and a stripped button down tie top worth 100.The blue clutch is my twin’s and is worth ksh100.Hope my day’s style inspires someone out there….nite friends

Celine - My Dream Bag

One of the interns Tom, the guy who’s too busy to hang out with us (a little joke we have), actually invited me to get coffee with him. 260 more words