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Skinny dipping

When I first heard the term “skinny dipping” I had no clue what it was. In fact, I hadn’t known that this was a term at all – I thought “skinny” meant “thin” and I couldn’t make any sense of what was being said. 449 more words



Always a hot topic amongst people who get nude, nudists and naturists detest the negative connotations that go along with the stereotypical ‘pervy flasher’ or the ‘beach ball tittied attention whore’ really I don’t blame ANYONE for not wanting to be associated with that but secretly, I mean really deep down, down we all crave a little attention? 285 more words


Need a (new) challenge

I need a fix, I’ve not been out nude for a while now, since my last post in fact and I need a new challenge, I want to go somewhere new, do something naked… 176 more words



Starting out, commitment is a difficult thing. committing to being nude is hard, I used to carry a bag with emergency clothes in or hide a stash of clothes. 263 more words


More nude fun!

The weather has really turned cool in the last week or so, good thing my favourite time to be nude is when the temperatures drop! As the autumn is now in full swing I took a short camping trip with a friend, was intended to be just a couple of days away enjoying the countryside and a bit of good company. 804 more words


Little Dipper

When the sky purples and the sun is low

I strip slyly on polished stone by the pond

And sink myself into the celestial pool. 16 more words


skinny dipping (free verse & senryĆ»)

Jen, from Blogitorloseit and I mentioned the freedom of writing free verse from time to time and she compared it to “skinny dipping.” I thought I’d elaborate what that means to me… 351 more words