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Those who moan over Big Brother’s shower hour have their job cut out. Here are some girls from the Delta area of Nigerian having the time of their lives as they do some skinny dipping in a local river. 13 more words


Locked Out

My brother Samir and his wife Hana were due to visit me in Cyprus for a few days with their 15-year old youngest daughter, Sara. A few days before they arrived they called asking if it was okay for Sara to bring her best friend, Jude who was the daughter of their lovely neighbours in the same building so naturally, I said she was welcome. 1,703 more words

Travel Blog

Boats good, swimsuits bad

Okay, so even if the weather permits it, we can’t be nude all the time.

Out at the boat ramp, for example, it is customary to wear swimsuits and/or T-shirts. 504 more words

Skinny Dipping: Epic Fails

Ever gone skinny dipping? Probably. Ever been caught? Listen below to hear confessions from the audience…

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Ask Nude Sophie: Only One Naked

Today I’m going to answer a question sent in from @NatBiss1

@NatBiss1: Have you ever been the only naked person in a clothing-optional beach? Or the only one in a group of friends?

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