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Skinny Bish' say what!?

My mother taught me to uplift others….it’s natural to me, I do understand it can be necessary to others. A genuine compliment can make someone’s day. 208 more words

Cocktails 'N Crafts: DIY Embellished Detachable Collar

Looking for a fab way to spend your weekend? Suggestion… host a cocktail ‘n crafts hour with friends!!! In my opinion, quality friend time is the perfect way to knock off a few of those lingering projects on your DIY to-do list. 162 more words


What Champions Are Made Of

Hectic days are not made any easier when you’re hungry.  I swear when I am hungry nothing else matters, and I go into lock down mode. 208 more words

A Piece Of Me

LftLG: Getting Drunk, Staying Skinny

First off, I want to say that, personally, I’m an advocate of drinking my calories as opposed to eating them (but don’t go all ano on me here, in reality I do… 286 more words


Low Cal Liqs

And here it is ladies and gents, the truth to why the freshman fifteen exists: alcohol. College does tend to be an environment where kids drink and the thing that will really get ya is all the calories in the shots your throwing back. 244 more words