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Skinny Girls Have Rolls Too

When I’m around someone I’m attracted to, I’m almost hyper aware of the shape my body takes no matter what I’m doing: standing, laying down, sitting. 335 more words

Health & Fitness

A big fat sugary smile on my dial, my inner beast, the one that roars and meows at the same time

I have avoided this place, this den of sin, this pit of filth..that’s me I am talking about, since I have fallen off the get skinny wagon. 515 more words


BODY SHAMING: Do you really know their situation?

(Image – myself today – 24 inch Waist, reguarly I’m comfortably 25-26)

Okay so here we go, this is not a rant and this isn’t me seeking attention in the slightest. 1,018 more words


I am fasting for 10 days!!!!

I’ll be fasting for ten days and I’ll write my updates here. If you want to fast with me tweet me @pain4beauti and today is day one I’ll write a follow up post later.. 39 more words


Girl Struggle.

Every child born in the 21st century should consider herself lucky for the fact that nowadays media are standing against the “skinny” notion. They have an option not to be persuaded by either photo shopped images or the “ideal figures.” But what about us? 398 more words

Body Image Problems

My Weekend With Anorexia

My friend turned 18 on Saturday so of course it became our mission to get him so drunk he couldn’t remember his name. It sounds all fun and games until you look at the alcohol and consider the calorie content. 211 more words