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It is time for change

CW: 349.6
Today, I got mad. I got mad at the fact that I have been fat my entire life. I got mad at my body for always slowing me down. 63 more words


Weight Gain

The title may be misleading, it’s not gonna be a post where I complain about me gaining too much weight, it’s a post where I’m gonna be asking HOW to gain weight.  156 more words

that damn cake....

the day was nice……until i ate one piece of cake.  And stuff like this is giving me everytime cravings. first i had me under control and ate for dinner only 2 protein (low carb & carlorie ) bars, but a few hours later i ate fu*king 2 baked potatos with sour cream. 95 more words

Day 1

Ok, I’m doing it.

Every second. Every Minute. Every Hour. All I want is a McDonalds Big Mac Combo, with a bar of chocolate for desert. 228 more words



Strong is the new skinny.

This is a sports meme and someone took offense to it lately and I’m trying to figure out how I feel about it. 837 more words

right now...

i’m eating my lunch.the others may not call it a lunch. it’s just 4 crispbreads ( 99 calories &’ 19g carbohydrates.)

for breakfast i had my diet shake. 83 more words

Skinnimaker Secret - Discover the secrets to getting skinny while healthy at the same time.

Skinnimaker Secret is a brand new program that aims to help you get down to being skinny without sacrificing your health. Its a common misconception that because your skinny, you are unhealthy. 108 more words