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Monday Circuit smash up

Awesome Foursome skip 40, 4 squats, 4 push ups 4 shuttle runs (we use a cricket pitch 20mtrs prt 4 times to timer

9 Station Annihilation… 104 more words


My favorite exercises - no equipment needed

I’ve been working out regularly since 2008. I worked with a personal trainer for 4 years during that time. He showed me so many different exercises and, although I try to keep my workouts varied, these exercises are always in my routine. 610 more words


get fit fast: couch to obstacle course

Planning on tackling an obstacle course soon? Whether its one of those muddy ones, colourful ones or climbing ones, theres a few things you can do to bump up your fitness level a few notches. 426 more words


how we run

Now the day before I wrote a post “Why Run?” and then went on to successfully write about how the human body runs. So in order to balance out my karma with the universe, now this will be titled about how we run, and I will ponder more about why I run. 561 more words

Exercise @_@

I .. really .. don’t .. like .. jogging/running ..

I prefer swimming or skipping. But I will turn tanned from swimming hahahaha so yea skipping. 126 more words


Cheesy Christmas Movies

Okay so I skipped classes today to spend the day with my Mom so tonight we decided to watch a few movies and my grandparents were in charge of picking… the first one they picked was The Nightmare Before Christmas which none of us had seen (I know, I was behind with that one too, but I did watch it). 234 more words


Breakfast is Still the Meal of Champions

Beep. Beep. Beep. It is 9 a.m. Robby Walsh, a Towson University student, wakes up and prepares to get ready for his 10 a.m. class. He takes a shower, brushes his teeth, gets dressed, and heads out the door for class. 632 more words