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Joy in the little things

We all do it, stress ourselves out over tiny things and these impact the way we feel on a daily basis. If things aren’t going the way you might have hoped at work or school, or that driver in front of you just made the most asinine manoeuvre ever exhibited on the planet, you (and I) get wound up and if these little irritations pile up, you’re due for a bit of an outburst. 535 more words



A little courage, a couple friends, and an open car. That’s all you need sometimes. And there you are, with your adrenaline rush.

Skipping school once in a while ain’t that bad in the end (haha). 172 more words


Can you skip like that?

Here in New York you can walk out of your home, without any plan about what you gonna do with your day and just let yourself be entertained.   187 more words

New York

An amazing story, an unexpected kindness and a big squeeze

The weather was great, warm but not too hot, and because it is a Muslim Festival the number of regular children at school was down although we had a few extras from babycare instead. 296 more words

2014 Blog

Tak Ada Alasan Untuk tidak Berolahraga

Setiap orang menyadari olahraga itu penting tapi tidak semua orang bisa memberikan waktu dan dirinya untuk membiasakan olahraga. Kesibukan pekerjaan merupakan salah satu alasan orang dewasa jadi abai terhadap aktivitas olahraga, padahal kalau ditelaah lebih lanjut, ada waktu-waktu yang kita habiskan yang bisa digunakan untuk berolah raga. 276 more words

Untuk Dilakukan


1) Skip 2 Min
2) Appetizer
a) Mountain Climbers
b) Squats
c) Plyo Push Ups
d) Tuck Jumps
(1) Tabata 20:10 4 min

3) Main Meal… 30 more words