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Day 1: Activities in the Garden

If this were a facebook post I could select that ‘feeling grateful’ icon.

It’s been a great start to the 100 active days fundraising. So many people were away today and couldn’t come to our Great Start Breakfast for Bowel Cancer UK, but actually we had a perfect number for a natter around the kitchen table, and then kids to play games in the garden. 176 more words

Active Day

Playground games 2

We live very near a junior school and at playtime and lunchtime all they seem to do is run around screaming… I’m sure in actual fact there are plenty of games being played and plenty of running around is either chasing a ball or chasing each other. 332 more words

Family Stories

Boxing as a workout for women

This workout method is one of the most equalizing in the way that women aren’t felt sorry for during a training session regardless of how grilling the session is. 555 more words

Fitness is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

I keep hearing about this “Runners High” and “wait for the endorphins to kick in”, but all I can hear my body saying when I run is “enough”. 227 more words


Update to gym brag...

This is not a brag. It is a confession. I’ve only been to the gym twice in three weeks. I do have an excuse though; I’ve injured my shoulder. 339 more words

Random Stuff

The Flat Belly Diaries – Week 9, Day 5: THE FINAL WEEK!

It’s Friday and have a full day off, which means I can start the day with a leisurely workout after depositing my little buddy at school. 149 more words


napowrimo - double dutch - daaswishibezhig giizhgad - day eleven

back in the day,

when me and my cousins were kids

our french (step) grandpa called us little squaws

as we ran outside, skipping ropes in hand… 91 more words