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Sky Dragitch Traffic Reporter "The Fog" (An audio skit)

This is another audio comedy skit I recorded some time back for my internet radio show.
I added some video from various sources to give folks something to watch while the audio plays. 17 more words


What was this teacher thunking? Re-enacting Brown's death and tell white kids to shoot?

The teacher was fired probably because of mental incompetence. Where has common sense disappeared to. I guess people are too hooked into Facebook and other social media where anything goes or they just do things to become a media star in name. 17 more words

Science Fun (Baking soda and Vinegar) an audio skit

I had an internet radio show for a couple of years.
Along with DJing and playing music by independent artists,
I would play comedy sketches that I wrote. 117 more words


So, after all of that...

… which is something I use really often in my blog posts.

So, after all of that, my play ended, on august 15th, and we got a tremendous-ish response. 651 more words