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SURPRISE!!! I'm bad at blogging.

Like in pretty much everything, my follow through is less than stellar. If there is one thing I’ve realized about myself this summer, is that I’m a thinker and not so much of a doer.   289 more words

The ABC's of Summer: Q, R, S, T and U

Q is for Quiet.

Lying under the apple tree quiet…

Early morning quiet…

(If you don’t get up early around here, there is no quiet…) 76 more words


Meet the newest member of my family- Skittles

So yesterday I had to take my cute Taco to the vet, because she had to get her wings cut. I didn’t want Taco to get hurt while flying all over the he house.  172 more words


Can't Lick Salt: Shannon From Woburn

1) A list of the best Disney live-action movies is topped by “Mary Poppins”. Other movies on the list include “Enchanted”, “Honey, I shrunk the kids” and the original “parent trap”. 219 more words


Fruits, Fruits and more Fruits!!

Hello everyone!!  I’m back again for the third DoubleClick Challenge!  The theme is, you guessed it, its fruit!!

The summer time is full of delicious fruits from all over the world. 376 more words

Blog Challenge

Neon Rainbow Nail Art

I was recently sent two Model’s Own polishes and a pack of rainbow micro-nib nail art pens by Boohoo to create a nail art tutorial with. 402 more words

Nail Art

Day 174: Get a Strike at Bowling

I never understood why bowling is so popular. It just not something I go, ‘oh, I know, let’s go bowling’. Once I’m there I have more fun hanging out with my friends and usually looking for the menu so I can get one of those milkshakes that turn your stomach into a bowling ball! 362 more words