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Fault - Skull Page

This piece was created as an additional page for my design classes magazine ‘Fault’. This creation began life as two separate, black and white  pen drawings, which was then cobbled together in photoshop to become the image you see before you. 62 more words


Funny Bones

This weeks blog isn’t just crafty fun, it’s also educational. Harry announced yesterday he wanted to make a LARGE skeleton for our front window (it seems all our crafty fun the past few weeks were not on the right scale for a 6 year old boy!) So yesterday we sat down and made a plan as to how we could make good old Funny Bones! 361 more words

“Goth Zodiac” Art Series: Scorpio

The latest in my Goth Zodiac series – Scorpio!

This one was pretty easy. With all the associations of sex, death, secrecy and the supernatural surrounding Scorpios, Goth comes naturally to them! 19 more words

Art & Expression

Skull Beading...

First time creating this piece. It’s not my typical art work but I like it. It’s still very meditative. Placing each bead one by one with a pair of crafting tweezers. 71 more words