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My Encounter With a Skunk...From the Eyes of a Dog (and how to clean up the mess)

By: Lucinda (Luie) Knudson

I stand by the back door and wag my tail waiting for Luie to let me out for my evening potty. Little does she know, I’ve caught the scent of an intruder in my backyard. 974 more words


What to Do When You See a Skunk

Let me tell you about the time I planned to spend a cozy, romantic weekend in the mountains with my boyfriend, and had a close encounter with nature. 1,001 more words


Feral Skunk

You’ve heard of feral cats, but feral skunks? True, I’m afraid – if you can’t tell by the smell. In my backyard they like to trade off taking advantage of the well-protected nest in the woodpile. 45 more words


The smelly horror that almost was


I was walking down the road one night, minding my own business. It was dark though; couldn’t see much. Suddenly there were headlights blaring at me. 737 more words


How to Keep Skunks Out of Cat Food

Skunks. They are so cute and fun to watch, but they pose a real problem when you’re feeding cats. And, God forbid they spray your house! 285 more words

Feral Cats


For the most part of my life I have not had to deal with skunks on anything but a casual level.  You know, the stench when you drive past one that got waffled on the road, or the occasional gassing of the neighborhood on a summer evening when the local animals are restless. 908 more words