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In Sky City, Wood Green, drug addicts are found dead in lifts and beaten women are left to rot to death

In Sky City, Wood Green, drug addicts are found in lifts and beaten women are left to rot to death.

In 2006, Haringey Council rent collectors broke down the front door to a bedsit in a housing complex above Wood Green Shopping Centre, and found Joyce Vincent, a woman in her thirties, of Carribean and Indian descent, born in west London, and bred on Fulham Palace Road, sat on a sofa, just returned with the shopping, with the TV on, surrounded by Christmas presents, which she had just wrapped. 364 more words

"Tennis Time Again," Greg's January, 2015 Flying Carpet column

The power of wishful thinking

Every aviator knows the pain of stressing about weather before important aerial journeys. It’s become tradition for me to fly Jean to tennis regionals when her team wins their conference. 300 more words

Flying Carpet Column

Land of Enchantment

It’s too bad we went through New Mexico as the sun was setting. I would love to see some of the things we passed during the day time. 121 more words

This NASA Scientist Wants to Colonize Venus with Floating Sky Cities

NASA’s recent $6.8-billion concession to Boeing and SpaceX for the privilege of transporting supplies and personnel to the International Space Station has infected Americans with a ‘space fever’ once again, in addition to dispelling any doubt as to the future of the private sector in space.   1,739 more words


Airship of the Week

You can hear the jazz quartet playing in the corner bar.  The hot-air balloons rising from street level to the upper floors of this city that reaches to the sky.  92 more words


Auckland Skytower

Trying a different viewpoint for a well photographed subject.

Shot from the tank farm on Aucklands waterfront.

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