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Trope-a-Day: Floating Continent

Floating Continent: Actually, there are quite a lot of these, whether you call them skyhomes, sky cities, or sky islands (in roughly increasing order of size).  103 more words


Lies, damned lies and . . .

I used to chair a trust which supported people with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Most of our funding came through government agencies and it was precarious. 917 more words


John Banks on a hiding to nothing

John Banks, faced with his impending trial date, has now applied to have the charges dismissed, under s 347 of the Crimes Act. It’s his final throw of the dice before trial, and I really can’t see him getting anywhere with it. 562 more words


speaking of new buildings...

guess there wasn’t mention of buildings but still.. big buildings are always neat



These guys really know how to keep to a schedule

Below is a video from Broad Group, a Chinese Sustainable Building company in Changsha China. There claims to fame are sustainability, resource conservation and SPEED! The video will show a 30 story hotel that was built in 360 hours! 150 more words