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The wild blue yonder

I love to fly, writing this on a plane. About ten years ago I won a flying lesson in a paper airplane flying contest. My plane went about 76 feet I think was, at least 30 feet past anybody else’s. 508 more words

The Jump

Chains weighing me down

The burden bearing on my shoulders

Can’t stand it any more

Searching for the key to unlock my destiny

Hoping for that little push… 78 more words


Skydive or die

Just a regular evening in the valley until a plane called I-Cake lands on the field.



July Photo A Day 2014 challenge :- Day 9 is here.

The topic says “Alive” Share a photo of something that is alive. Or something that makes you feel alive… 15 more words


The First Sky Dive

What’s your ultimate high? I have finally put a name to mine. Two words; Halo Wingsuit. Eventually. Got to rack up a few 100 more jumps to get there but I am in. 1,451 more words



On the 20th of June this year I dropped out of the sky over Wollongong beach.

Dad was like, “Why would you want to throw yourself out of a perfectly good plane?” 399 more words