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A Few Items From My Bucket List


So today, I’d like to give you a list of my top 5 bucket list items that might be considered dangerous.

1)  Wrestle an alligator.   315 more words


Ready, Set, Jump!

So, you want to jump out of a plane but you have no idea what to expect. You know a few friends who have gone skydiving before but all they can say is that it’s awesome. 2,203 more words

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Perris Sky Dive Experience By Susan Garren ©

Perris Tandem Sky Dive Experience By Susan Garren November 24th, 2014

For a few months now been thinking about a tandem sky dive. Over Thanksgiving that opportunity happened. 1,938 more words

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A letter to my younger self

To my younger self,

I am writing to you from the future. 10 years to be exact.

You won’t believe the things I’ve done. I jumped out of a plane at 15,000 feet. 345 more words

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"Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond" Anthony Anderson

I certainly saw above and beyond what I ever believed I would be able to see.

Ok, so a few of you have had a guess at this crazy thing I said I was going to do and a couple even guessed right. 723 more words

Falling With Style

This poem was written to encapsulate my experience of sky diving. From the poem, you may guess that I liked it, but what can you tell about me from the title alone, I wonder? 44 more words


I have been thinking a lot about what I want to be ‘when I grow up’, I mean after all ; I’m only just a little  past my prime. 933 more words

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