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Reaching New Heights!

An article I recently wrote about my skydiving experience for this month’s issue of the Orbital.


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?!

Okay peeps, I’ll start at the beginning…

I was nice & cosy in my bed on a dark and wintery Sunday night, oogling Facebook, or to be truthful, a group dedicated to the incredibly talented & delectable actor, Robert Carlyle.   469 more words

Who Am I?

I am a complete advocate of the mantra “I am not what has happened to me” but that said it’s the challenges in life that we face and how we choose to deal with them that mould us.

Jumping Out of a Perfectly Good Plane at 13k Feet

Here’s the video my high-school / skate buddy Jim Woods made of his kindness in taking me on my first skydive with he and his Navy Seal colleagues on a beautiful day over San Diego. 117 more words

Mountain of goals

I want to be many things. I figured I’d start with journalism, it seemed like a good place. My bucket list is a mile long, I want to be a rally car driver, horse breeder, sky dive instructor, be a councillor (those people who make decision for the city), a psychologist, a columnist, author, mother, farmer, riding instructor… I could keep going but I think that should do for now. 328 more words

Life Conquering

Terrified Flyer Volunteers to Sky-Dive for Charity

Fast Forward volunteer Mhairi Smith, 24, will be jumping out of a plane on July 19th to raise money for Meningitis Now, despite the fact that she’s terrified of flying. 679 more words

Fast Forward

My Bucket List!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a bucket list; it means that you have ambition and dreams for your life. I think if I thought about it hard enough, my bucket list would just go on and on and on. 863 more words

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