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It's been 45 years since that 'giant leap'

Allow me this admission: I didn’t do much thinking Sunday about the 45th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon.

I was too busy traveling home from a glorious weekend with my family. 402 more words

July 11 - Skylab

Today in 1979, Skylab re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere in a slightly less impressive way than it left.  Skylab was NASAs first attempt at a space station, and it worked pretty well, despite being damaged during launch. 239 more words

Going On Up There Then


July 11th in history:

The first treasury secretary of the U.S., Alexander Hamilton, was felled by a bullet in his famous duel with Vice President Aaron Burr on July 11th, 1804. 94 more words

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Shapeways Skylab

So the Skylab shroud arrived and I am thrilled with it. There is only one thing I’d change and that is to put a more positive alignment part at the top of the S-IVb stage under the shroud. 63 more words

LED Day - 58

What is Project LED? Find out here

I’m something of a photographer too! Check out my work here.

Day of May 28th 2014

Project LED

May 25 - "It's Spitting!"


Yesterday morning saw the first appearance of the new meteor shower caused by Earth passing through the debris stream of comet… 166 more words

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