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Pumpkin Pie Time

Dear Mom,

As you know, Sissy LOVES, LOVES, LOVES Frisch’s pumpkin pie. She heard the season started so she INSISTED we go get a piece. 92 more words

Skyline 3 Way – Chili, Spaghetti, Cheese w/ Side of Oyster Crackers

Today’s Menu: Skyline 3 Way – Chili, Spaghetti, Cheese w/ Side of Oyster Crackers

Well I had a great dinner planned out but due to a minor family crisis that plan was put on hold until tomorrow. 223 more words


Stranger In a Strange Land

New Daily Post:

Think about the town where you currently live: its local customs, traditions, and hangouts, its slang. What would be the strangest thing about this place for a first-time visitor? 124 more words

Non-fiction Writings

Comfort Eats

Never mind the exorbitant $2.25 PER macaron. Never mind that I had a huge zao cha (dim sum) breakfast with 12 tapas right before. I saw a stunning tower of perfectly displayed macarons in all colors of the pastel rainbow. 211 more words


Kenton Elementary Skyline Night Fundraiser

Help support Kenton Elementary by dining at the Independence Skyline Chili this Wednesday, Sept. 17th, from 5-8pm!

Present this flyer while paying your bill at the Independence Skyline and a portion of your bill will be donated back to Kenton Elementary.

Double Clutch Menu Item for the Reds Series: Cincinnati Skyline Chili

This one might have been a bit predictable, but still quite delicious.  Cincinnati-style “Skyline” Chili for the three-game series against the Reds.

For $10.50, you’ll get a healthy serving of chili served over spaghetti noodles with shredded cheddar cheese, diced onions, sour cream and red beans, with a side of garlic bread. 48 more words

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