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VDMX Masterclass with David Lublin

On March 1st 2014, ACMI held a Masterclass with VDMX creator David Lublin via Skype from New York to Melbourne, this is the live stream archive:


Skype Supports Clinton Foundation to Empower Girls and Young Women

At Skype, we’re committed to bringing people together from all around the world.  The Skype in the Classroom teacher network has proven to be an invaluable resource for students and teachers who come together across the globe to participate in immersive, incredible learning experiences without leaving their classrooms. 259 more words


Educate your Elder About Social Media

Your older counterpart may not be as adaptable to your ongoing desire to connect on your favorite social networks with them. With these simple steps, you will be confident enough to show them around the online block:

Social Media

Hop on Skype for an Easter Eggstravaganza

The Easter egg hunt is a timeless tradition celebrated by children of all ages across the world.  This year, invite relatives to share in the fun — no matter where they live — with Skype. 293 more words


Пасхальный Skype

Пасха – это светлый, добрый, семейный праздник, который очень широко отмечается во многих странах мира (в 2014 году пасха отмечается 20 апреля, в воскресенье). Перед Пасхой принято делать  7 more words


Skype vs Hangout

Mă chinui de ceva vreme să scriu despre asta,  dar cum ultimele zile au fost puțin cam haotice, și blog-ul a fost lăsat puțin deoparte. 239 more words


Remembered and Forgotten

Well, another birthday has come and gone, and with it came all the birthday wishes from family and friends.  However, that being said, there are always those few family or friends who don’t call, write, or even contact on someone’s birthday.  415 more words