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Look Who's Back

Emmi. Yes, that Emmi.

I anonymously wished him a happy birthday some days ago and yesterday, I asked him how his birthday was. Turns out I wasn’t as anonymous as I thought because although I’d cleared the profile entirely (and I did this before I wished him happy birthday, not yesterday), he knew it was me. 177 more words


Geeklust : Episode 1

We live our daily lives through our tech, which does not understand us at all. We leave “I love you’s” in voicemail messages that can only be understood by a human interpreter. 233 more words


S for Skype

Hello everyone,

So just a quick update on what’s been going on with S and myself lately :
S has now started the job hunt phase! 634 more words


It's Time To Get Real

I spoke with my ex sister-in-law today, and she’s in one of those lovely “Facebook” relationships. You know, the one where you are completely and totally in love, but your status still says your single and both you and him have people pm’ing you and leaving stupid comments on your wall? 506 more words


Pet Peeve Of The Moment -- People Who Randomly Pop Up On Skype & GTalk

For some reason, strange people have wanted to talk to me on both Skype and Gtalk.

They haven’t, like, given me any reason for why I would want to talk to them. 92 more words


3 Giggly Girls, 1 Fired-up Family

Excitement was the bond we shared last night with Monica, Diana and Jeimy! We were able to see each other for the first time via Skype last night for a 2o minute video chat. 627 more words


Skype and Acer send fans on virtual adventures (and one real one)

The everyday grind can be monotonous. That’s why Skype is teaming up with Acer to bring intrigue to the daily lives of fans with an online scavenger hunt filled with prizes and adventure. 317 more words