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August 29th - Balancing scales

“If your body was turned over to just anyone, you would doubtless take exception. Why aren’t you ashamed that you have made your mind vulnerable to anyone who happens to criticise you, so that it automatically becomes confused and upset?”

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Daily Review

Teenage Memories of MSN Live Messenger

The below article was written at BBC. I can truly appreciate the article for its evoking of memories of personal stories of MSN. I remember I met my first girlfriend in high school and although it was a simple crush I had on her it turned out to be so much more when she would “appear offline” but pop up to talk to me. 643 more words

Social Issues

What's Your Book Club Reading?

The absolute greatest indulgence in the world for an author is to have an opportunity to connect with her readers. It is a thrill unlike anything else, and so far, in these last 64 days, I have heard from readers in a variety of ways. 672 more words


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Being away for six months is a long time and before I left I thought that maintaining friendships would be difficult. But now I’ve been here over two months and it feels like I haven’t even been away. 288 more words

A new school year begins and global classrooms connect!

As Australian schools enter the final weeks of term 3 with still another full term to go, our European and USA counterparts (and others) are starting or about to start their school years. 470 more words


MSN Messenger to shut down in China, its final stronghold

Microsoft’s MSN Messenger, or Windows Live Messenger as it was known in most places after 2006, bit the dust in April 2013 — but not everywhere. 171 more words

Preparing for Something Other than Zombies

You’re now Rick Grimes, and this is the Apocalypse:

Okay, no, studying abroad should be about 1000% better than the apocalypse, unless it’s the “Apo-cool-ypse” . 953 more words