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English Sessions through Skype - Sesiones de inglés por Skype

English Sessions through Skype

Recently, I was asked about how the English With Liz classes would be taught through Skype.

I’ve called these Skype conversation sessions… 362 more words

English With Liz

30 Days of Thanks - Day 14

I’m so thankful for Skype. It’s really nice getting to see someone that you can’t see in real life, just once in a while. Good feels


21st Century Amends aka Soul Surgery

How fitting is that picture for a junkie about to embark on his 9th Step, except I am not looking for pain killers, and nothing needs to be pulled out of me. 923 more words


Time Difference Calculator

Let’s skype! If you’re in Vancouver, here’s a handy tool to help us plan our skype dates:

If it is this time in Vancouver…. …then it is this time in Finland… 181 more words

Enrolled. Finally! and a bit of Nigerian Problems

After almost two months of waiting for two of my holds to be removed, I was able to enroll in courses at Stanford. Although I have three weeks to release the final list of courses I will be attending, I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll be taking: CME 100 (I still don’t know what that means), Design Sketching, Breaking Codes, Swimming (maybe) and Intro to CS (the most popular course on campus). 570 more words


Sunday Skypes & Musical B-day cards

Long Distance (Family) Relationships: Bonding at a Distance???

 How can you maintain regular contact and create family references for your kids (and vice versa) when far away from each other? 1,153 more words