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Dragonborn: The Legacy 31 - Reunion and Union

5E 20, 2 Last Seed
After months of hearing nothing but secondhand information and idle gossip about Rowan and Ben, Vilkas had decided it was time to find out for himself what was going on. 3,618 more words


Skyrim Tarot is a GO!!!!

I spoke with my publisher over the weekend and showed him my tarot cards. He has agreed to publish them. YAY!!!!! I still have some work to do on the companion book, so I’d better get moving. 19 more words


Dragonborn: The Legacy 30 - All Grown Up

5E 20, 26 Sun’s Height
Ben took the time to enchant a black hood to give himself some protection from the sun; and he, Rowan, and their parents set out for Riften the next day. 3,949 more words


LGPAP Skyrim: Wizard Zombie Ghostbusters

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Skyrim. Time for spookiness!


Skyrim: Meet the Thief

This is Azula, my current Skyrim file. She’s a level 13 thief at the moment, half way through the Thieve’s Guild quest line. She just received her Nightingale broadsword. 374 more words


Dragonborn: The Legacy 29 - Nocturnal's Demand

5E 20, 21 Sun’s Height
Selene was in a place of shadow, and she could barely see two feet in front of her face, but she was as comfortable as if she were in her own home. 3,596 more words