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I'm trying something new!

Hello friends. I am trying out a new form of story making.

I hope you guys enjoy it! :)


The Darkius Rising- Part 1

Caudron stood as he pondered, the barren labyrinth had presented yet another puzzle for the two Shadow Knights to solve.  

“Well now Melaran,” Cauldron said; his eyebrow raised up high on his face as he spoke, “It seems as though we have come upon another puzzle this place wants us to decipher.”  472 more words


He's Trying To Tell Me Something I Swear: Emotions & Animation In Video Games

As the graphical push for video games marches further and further onward, the visual quality of games will be harder and harder to distinguish as we approach a plateau. 1,061 more words


Vahrkalla's Top 10 Best Games of All Time

Ah. It’s that time of the year again. Where the media is shoving advertisements of games down your throats like a xenomorph in hope that you’ll buy or receive one as a gift under your light-up piece of pine. 2,002 more words

Video Games

Blood part#2-dance in fire

We stood perched on the side of the hill looking down at the camp. Brotherhood warriors stood next to makeshift tents while what appeared to be vampire hunters were tied to posts next to a fire. 403 more words


The Adventures Of Marsupial Bill Episode 9 IN HD

Alright alright. I have some standup jokes to think about. I am doing a small gig tonight and I have to be prepared. Leave me alone. 14 more words

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