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On Open World Gaming, or Why I Didn't Finish Skyrim

I wrote a goofy little thing yesterday about hoarding cheese in Skyrim, a game that I sunk well over 100 hours into, but also one that I didn’t actually finish. 834 more words

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LGPAP Skyrim: Sneaky Squirrel

Let’s Get Pissed and Play Skyrim Part 24: Sneaky Squirrel


The Great Cheese Hoarders of Skyrim

I think it’s fairly common knowledge to Skyrim players that hoarding is a thing. Do a quick search on YouTube, for example, and there is no shortage of people showing off dwellings that are absolutely stuffed with every piece of loot imaginable. 404 more words


Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods - Late Edition Part 2

Here is another late edition of my top 5 weekly Skyrim mods. 346 more words


Elder Scrolls Update 4

Elder Scrolls Online have just announced a loyalty plan for their subscribers, which is due to start in September. YAY – free stuff! If you’ve been subscribed for three months or more, expect goodies to start flooding your way – the first being a vanity pet in the form of a High Hrothgar Wraith. 223 more words