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The Art of Video Gamesmanship

My name is Karl Smallwood and after you’ve finished laughing about my last name, I’m willing to bet you my left nut that if you’ve spent any time online whatsoever in the last few years, you’ve seen something that I’ve had a hand in writing. 1,955 more words


A Primer On Admitting Students To Brown College

Reading Mr. Lundy’s April 18th post stirred up something powerful inside of me. No, it was not the last meal I had from Newcomb. But it was something stronger: nostalgia. 597 more words

Brown College

I Can't.

I’ve been playing Skyrim. It’s a game about dragons. I just have to say, before we begin, that this is not an essay about how awesome games are. 189 more words


Elder Scrolls Online -- Final Decisions

From deep dissatisfaction to modest appreciation, ESO still may not work for the purpose of this blog.

I’m still undecided. The game is truly beautiful, however, my bad luck last week was when my power-surge protector failed. 247 more words


Skyrim Mod - Staves Of Skyrim

Staves of Skyrim adds 30 new staves into your game. They are added into the leveled list of enemy mages. This means that they will appear on other npcs that try to kill you so you can just loot them off of their corpses when you’re done. 225 more words


Skyrim: Caves and Filler Edition

School and a new job have been hitting me and my posting schedule pretty hard. Also I scheduled a post for May by accident and didn’t notice my mistake until I checked my blog the other night, silly me. 100 more words