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Debate Club: Achievements Are Pretty Cool.

Over the years I’ve changed my stance on achievements several times.  At first I was really indifferent on the subject.  Later I grew to dislike the idea.  785 more words

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One: Running Blind

The soles of my ragged leather boots have carried this body through the never ending stretch of land that was Tamriel. Emerald eyes have seen the horrors and beauty of it all, and as the time passed, every natural occurrence has been desensitized. 1,437 more words


Prologue: The Broken

It wasn’t until she closed her eyes, rested her head back against the cold stone did the pain in her head seemed to dissipate. Darkness replaced sight, and she fell deeper into herself despite the cacophony of the cave around her. 606 more words


Un Mexicano Juega... Skyrim 100

Por lo visto todavia tengo episodios de Skyrim por ahi



Last of the footage from the previous filming session, so there are still some audio issues here and there.


I really should have put this episode up sooner, but I just never got around to it. 90 more words


Skyrim Mod - Skysight Skins - Ultra HD 4K And 2K Male Textures

Just when I thought I’ve seen all of the skin textures that Skyrim had to offer I get blown away by a new one. 173 more words