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Skyrim Xbox 360

Off to play Skyrim be back when I find that thing in that cave and I have drank this wine.


Top Searches - An Owl's Perspective

Okay, so it’s not really my top searches, but according to my blog stats, I’ve seen that people found my page by searching for Skyrim things, like “ 125 more words


Replay Value and RPGs

by Thunderhulk

One of the things you hear about games from time to time is that some of them have “great replay value” or “no replay value.” What is replay value, and why should we care about it? 629 more words


Top 5 Weekly Skyrim Mods

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve wrote anything about Skyrim. The truth is that I got into fight earlier this month and I decided to wait until my wounds healed  before I committed to writing again. 434 more words


Skyrim, Skansen, Stockholm, Sweden, Super Post

Skansen was one of my favourite places to visit on our recent excursion, mostly because I kept likening it to Skyrim and how it was just like walking around the game.

Someone stole my sweet roll..


Skyrim Legendary Edition

Yesterday I spotted Skyrim Legendary Edition at my local EB Games for only $46 and purchased it. I had previously grabbed the original skyrim on two seperate occasions but the constant lagging and freezing, plus other bugs, saw me return it. 354 more words


Skyrim- The Elder Scrolls V (Xbox/PC)

Today guys, I will write a review about an amazing RPG game, Skyrim. It is an open world RPG game with nice 3D graphics. Its storyline is pretty basic where you have to run around and do quests, but you can easily jump away from it and run around the world, finding easter eggs (gaming term) or just making yourself overpowered, which is what I did :P. 196 more words