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Moral Complexity

My Judgment of  Protective Edge

I have recently been critical of Israel’s conduct of a war on the Palestinians living in Gaza.   I agree. of course, that  Israel had the right, indeed was obligated, to respond to Hamas rockets fired toward Israeli civilians.  1,315 more words

Awaited Anticipation.

“Staring at the sun, inhaling the same air. This love we got, they’ll never get it. I’ll be the Leo DiCaprio to your Kate Winslet. Sometimes I panic but I never take you for granted, I’ll hold you ‘till my lips turn blue like Jack in Titanic.” Travie McCoy feat. 879 more words


Complex or a dick? The choice on shaping your villains.

Alright, I’ve been talking to myself in the car all day about what I’d write when i got home. So here’s the topic. Villains, and when to use what type of villain. 928 more words



  In the blue

Descends upon
  Open meadows.

In the midst of morning
misty Rites of Spring
 ascend on the
  warming air.

  Starts his climb. 19 more words


Flight Rules For Dummies. #101

“Loose links sink ships that’s what someone told me. But this boat will stay afloat as long as you hold me. We’ve been through rough water anytime it was tougher, but the fact i came back to remind you you i love ya. 867 more words


Clear Skies On A Cloudy Day.


Hey yo, never let go of me, hold tight, It’s gonna get hard to breathe. And I will never ever let you drown, even if we’re going d own- Travie McCoy feat. 1,032 more words


'Star Wars' Clues Possibly Hidden In J.J. Abrams Latest Tweet

In a tweet already being analyzed from here to Yavin, “Star Wars: Episode VII” director J.J. Abrams posted an image of a robotic hand that could be a clue about the new film. 191 more words