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Presentación Sixpack Racing

Sixpack Racing, una marca poco conocida en nuestro país que ofrece gran variedad de componentes de calidad en numerosos colores y medidas. Aunque especializados en manillares, pedales y potencias, ofrecen una amplia gama de productos, de ruedas a puños pasando por ejes, direcciones y sillines. 100 more words

Mayo 2013

Anakin Skywalker

I just finished the Star Wars series for the first time! I really enjoyed it, which I wasn’t expecting. I don’t know why I resisted watching them for so long, but I’m glad I finally did. 206 more words

Not a Leg to Stand On: Harrison Fords and Star Wars’s Viability

Well it does not look well for our favorite scruffy looking nerd-herders, Harrison Ford has reportedly broken his leg after the door of the Millennium Falcon fell on his leg, with a possible recovery time of minimal 6-8 weeks and up to 6 months. 600 more words

Methods Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Lightsaber Lamp

Episode I, The Phantom Menace “I have a bad sensation about this,” says the young Obi-Wan Kenobi (performed by Ewan McGregor) in star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace as he steps away a spaceship and into probably the most anticipated cinematic event… well, at any time. 284 more words

Choosing Skywalker Trampolines Trampoline Accessory Kit

A trampoline can offer huge wellbeing rewards for the complete family and several hours of exciting. They have turn into much more common in current a long time, but with their increased acceptance there has arrive about an enhanced range of accidents by way of their use.In accordance to the royal society for the prevention of accidents about 75% of injuries happen when a lot more than a single particular person is on the… 300 more words