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Solving Legal Aid...

SolvingSo…or why I don’t know why I chose to study law, but know why I want to be a Lawyer.

I can’t remember why I wanted to study law. 1,160 more words


All I want for Christmas...

Last Christmas and the Christmases before that, I would have been thrilled to receive anything packaged in a teeny tiny egg blue box! It certainly made present buying for moi a breeze. 232 more words


TELEGRAPH REVIEW: Randy Colosky Slab #4

Randy Colosky’s Slab #4 is an ossified hive mainframe or a freestanding model of an ancient cave city; it evokes both technology and organic matter.  182 more words

Contemporary Art

First, Do No Harm

A shady physician awaits his next patient.


Passive solar

Passive solar house design is not new. During 9th through 13th century, American Indians built their homes in south facing Pueblo canyon hills that provided them heat from the low winter sun, and cool from high summer sun with natural overhangs. 1,050 more words


Designers: Veronika Burian, José Scaglione, 2009.
Info: Adelle is a slab serif font that was designed specifically for editorial use in magazines and newspapers, but also works well on the web. 31 more words

Climbing Shoe Flow Chart

The Endeavor is a great shoe for face climbing. It is pretty stiff and moderately aggressive, but not overly downturned, allowing you to use fine edges and stick your toes into divots and holes. 132 more words

Gear Up