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Implementing SLAB in an Azure service

In my previous post,  I talked about design considerations when using SLAB, and presented a class to be changed from regular trace logging to semantic logging using SLAB. 3,143 more words

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SLAB design considerations

In my previous post, I talked about the features available in the Semantic Logging Application Block. In this post, I will show you a class with regular trace logging, and talk about things to consider when converting it to implement the Semantic Application Logging Block (SLAB) to create structured logging. 1,569 more words

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Introduction to the Semantic Logging Application Block (SLAB)

In my previous post, I discussed diagnostics logging and why it’s important, and how structured logging can help you troubleshoot problems and do some data mining. 749 more words

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Diagnostics logging and structured logging

This post is going to be about one of my favorite things, diagnostics logging. When I worked for a startup, I was responsible for the entire backend for all of the products. 850 more words

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Plecak Salomon S-Lab Advanced Skin Hydro 5 Set - recenzja

W końcu biorę na warsztat plecak, o który pyta mnie większość znajomych. Sprawa ma się oczywiście jasno – czy warto wydawać tyle pieniędzy? W tej recenzji postaram się dać Wam pełny obraz tego, jak mi biega się z Salomon S-Lab Skin Hydro 5 Set. 1,695 more words


New Garage - Day 5 [Videos]

Now here are the videos. The second one is fairly long , so it might take a while to upload. 397 more words


The Saw

The saw is one of the best building tools you can have. It easy to make and gives you many more options for making your castle or home or what ever it is you build. 54 more words