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Thoreau’s “business” (Walden 19)

So far, Thoreau has had plenty to say about the high value his neighbors place on things that he doesn’t think are all that important. He’s spoken repeatedly of seeking something higher, more noble. 247 more words


Twenty Days of Silence.


I have been trying to figure out why I’ve turned into such a bad blogger.  I haven’t reached a conclusion, but these are some potential reasons: 314 more words



Welcome to my blog, mga kaibigan!

Nothing special with this blog. And I’m pretty sure there’s nothing special with my being.

I made this blog for two (2) main reasons: 194 more words

The Liebster

Happy Friday!

I was excited about getting this post up tonight, but I discovered that my blog has gone all wonky!  :(  All of my sidebars and widgets have completely disappeared and I can’t get them to come back.  744 more words


Lies and squats

It’s Thursday!!!!!  (By the time I post this it will be)  :)

In keeping with the “get some rest’ theme, when work ran a little late on Monday, I kept my running gear in the bag and just headed home.   674 more words



Remember how I’m supposed to be reading Game of Thrones?

Remember how by Saturday I was supposed to have read the first 100 pages and I promised you a recap blog post? 46 more words

In my March Recap, I likened March to a truck that had run me over.  Well, April is a freight train barreling through.   I have been trying to stay upbeat, particularly when I post but I am not sure if it worked.  675 more words