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The (Lazy) 100th Post Spectacular!

…Or something like that.

First off, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who supports the site. Those who “like” the posts via Word Press and follow the blog. 553 more words


Feeling Like a Slacker

Wouldn’t it be nice if weekends were 3 days long?  That would be awesome.  I would totally work 4 10′s.  I say that now, but wouldn’t that make it harder to run?    545 more words


taking a ride on the carpet of shame

I guess I’ve really been neglecting my blogging duties this summer, which was not my plan just so you know ! I had all these plans to pick it up now that i had some free time, but that idea crashed and burned. 51 more words


Good intentions...

I came home from work last night with good intentions (and a list) of things I wanted to get done before calling a full stop for the day. 225 more words


Told Me So

Is it Friday yet? I am actually counting the hours this week.  I’ve been a little cranky this week, I think stress has gotten to me, I noticed yesterday that even my jaw aches.  555 more words


Pap Smear Pusher Strikes Again!

So, Richard Linklater. Whilst we here at OMG! do not endorse his Before, After, DuringWhen Will It Ever End Sunset saga (we know it’s supposed to be a trilogy, but call us pessimists, we just can’t shake the feeling that Linklater will strike again with that stuff), we of course were big fans of… 474 more words

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Busting Out

Saturday’s fair trip took the place of running. I dug out my Fuelband and wore it just for the fair that afternoon. Just under 10,000 steps. 874 more words