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Dear loyal blog readers,

Lately I have been a blah-grrr.

As in, I feel too blah to blog.


I blame it on winter.

I’m cold. 583 more words


Going To New York

So, at the end of February, I will be heading to New York for a couple of days to venture in their comedy scene.  I’m not gonna move there.   661 more words


Be The Positive Vibe

People who whine about their lives, weight and money are the same people who do not take advantage of opportunities to make things better. They always have excuses to avoid the chance for them to be better versions of themselves… But they would always have the time and money to buy junk, cigarettes or drink excessively.. 56 more words


Teen Drama

I now have three teenagers due to the recent birthday of the overachiever, who is still overachieving. We’re in the midterm period and she’s frantic about exams, constantly berating herself for not studying more or harder, all this on top of teen girl drama which my older daughter already supplies in spades. 803 more words


Slackers: Both Alien and Domestic

My great-grandfather, John C. Gabourel, was one of the more colorful characters in my family tree. He served with the British army during the Boer War, and with the American army during WWI in France. 560 more words


5 Reasons It’s OK To Be Lame In Your 20s

The year after college graduation is arguably one of the hardest years of a young person’s life.

We have to leave the comfort of our families and friends and go out into the real world. 1,219 more words

I'm Giving Up On You

Well then!
I’m about to rant about education-y related stuff so… be warned. Today didn’t go as planned! I was supposed to be meeting up with my “group” again to finish this poster once and for all so that we’re ready to present it next week and they didn’t show up because one of them was ill. 316 more words