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5 Reasons It’s OK To Be Lame In Your 20s

The year after college graduation is arguably one of the hardest years of a young person’s life.

We have to leave the comfort of our families and friends and go out into the real world. 1,219 more words

I'm Giving Up On You

Well then!
I’m about to rant about education-y related stuff so… be warned. Today didn’t go as planned! I was supposed to be meeting up with my “group” again to finish this poster once and for all so that we’re ready to present it next week and they didn’t show up because one of them was ill. 316 more words

Queen E. No2 - Do you really want to support that Wall-E charity "Scotland" any longer!

The scots are too lazy to work, they are simply a gigantic charity, probably a third of them living on British well-fare or other charities. Many of them already have the famous Wall-E-Lifestyle (not yet hoovering technology) but the weight gain is already on a good level. 174 more words


Slackers - Close My Eyes

Oh man, this takes me back to our time living in Montreal (1999-2001). I was much in love with ska and reggae (aren’t we all!), and I had no trouble finding all sort of great acts in the shops to try out. 189 more words

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Occupy Wall Street confirms they are still clueless slackers

In case you were wondering, Occupy Wall Street is apparently still a thing. They remain just as ridiculously uninformed about how the world works as ever too. 135 more words

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Two Daredevils Slack Line Across Victoria Falls

Two High Wire Artists Cross Victoria Falls On Slack Line

” Two high wire artists, German student Lukas Irmler and Austrian journalist Reinhard Kleindl, crossed Victoria Falls on a slack line after two years of training.

129 more words

What Are You Worth?

This is a question that every comic should ask themselves from time to time.  If you are trying to get paid from comedy, you have to access your worth.   978 more words