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A Tenuous Equilibrium, The Way of Mercy, and Screwed Again

I shouldn’t be so nice.

Nor should I confuse “nice” with “moral” or “Christian.”

But sometimes I do.

I had three days of much desperately needed vacation ( 476 more words


Minimum Wage Hikes: Dude, I want to be a banquet server

With Los Angeles on the cusp of a near certain approval of a $15.37/hour  minimum wage for airport hotel employees, one can only wonder what that will do for ambition. 24 more words

Say When: Looks Good

Just look. It looks amazing. And Sam Rockwell. Sam Rockwell looks amazing. I’m excited and want it now.


Day 1

There is too much time in a day. It doesn’t seem right that we should judge whether we have enough by the status of things we don’t particularly want to do–homework for students, charity dinners for CEOs, pages photocopied for white-collar workers. 160 more words

An Ideal Government: Part 1

This is a post concerning a form of government I came up with in 8th grade for school, and have perfected last night as I slept. 710 more words


I hate it when this happens. I think I’m all sorts of smart, like I’m on to something, and then Bam. I’m reminded I’m not so smart after all, and I may have actually been doing this all wrong. 626 more words


Comedy Bookers

Comedy bookers are the gatekeepers to a lot of paid work in the comedy profession.  Bookers are the people that are tasked with finding, and providing talent for those that want comedy entertainment.   965 more words