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The Print before Photography: ‘The Technology and its Implications’

A student’s review of Antony Griffiths’s first Slade Lecture

By Emily Knight

A “tiny backwater sandwiched between…art history and that of printed books”; the European print is the focus of this year’s Slade Lectures by Antony Griffiths. 753 more words

History Of Art

Blog Tour: Slade (The Protectors) by Teresa Gableman

Highly trained VC Warrior, Dr. Slade Buchanan’s, role between lifesaver and lifetaker has been a constant battle, but nothing prepared him for half-breed VC Warrior trainee, Jill Nichols. 253 more words


Fox News forced to concede Birmingham does not exist

In an embarrassing retraction, Fox News Corporation issued a statement confirming that US commentator Steve Emerson had completely fabricated great swathes of the West Midlands. Their humiliation was compounded by the discovery that Coventry was created by C.S.Lewis, Wolverhampton is the setting for Marvel comics and Walsall featured in acid-inspired lyrics by Slade. 219 more words


A cruel waste of talent: how you too can have an ass like the jaws of a Tyrannosaurus rex

Ah!  So you want to be more attractive to others?  You want to be desperately wanted for your taut ass, your burnished buns?  Do your want your glistening charisma to be enhanced by subtle hand gestures carefully controlled by strong and sexy forearms?  860 more words

Slade - The Protectors - Teresa Gabelman

Slade (The Protectors Series) Book #6

It’s been a while since I’ve read this series so I had to re-acquaint myself with the characters but it didn’t take long to remember and the author helps out by explaining things briefly so people who have not read the other books in the series can follow along. 417 more words


The Politics Of Dancing (vol. 27): (Music): Look wot you dun (to me)!

Dear me, such a long way I’ve come. It’s unbelievable remembering I was already there during the Antique times, punctuating the main events in the lives of the sovereigns and seigneurs, when not lulling their courts later on. 1,215 more words


Glam Rock

For all the bad things one can say about the 70s (and as a child of the 70s, I’ve got a laundry list from here to Alabama), one good thing from that era was male rockers feeling comfortable performing in makeup and outfits that even RuPaul would dismiss as “too gaudy.” Come to think of it, that might be the best thing to say about the 70s. 636 more words