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I Whisper For Her

She’s back to prostituting
back to smack
back to playing the victim
back to smoking crack.
It’s Mother’s Day,
I know I should call,
she gave me life but that’s about all. 437 more words


You don’t have to love me–
you can hate me.
But just be kind to me–
blindly kind.

I’m trying to use
communication… 52 more words

Melt Me

I keep my body layered in ice
to fool you of my love. Only

your eyes lit can melt me. The
summer sun has shun me. 6 more words

Roy's Ashes

The day your ashes meet my hands,
I will go as high as I can get
where your death will greet my place of revival. 197 more words

Falling In Love With Loneliness

I am starting to fall in love with loneliness,
like the day I made peace with the heaviness
of the rain.
I am starting to fall in love with loneliness. 89 more words

Le Havre

Le Havre
C’est l’odeur de pollution au petit matin
La pluie dans mes chaussures
Et la mer qui inonde
Le Havre
Funambule des rêves
Suspendue dans les années perdues… 164 more words

Slam Poetry

Un Nuage de Tempête

Je conduis sous un nuage de tempête
Les yeux clos et les mains fermes
Je fume pour m’envelopper
Dans une armure de rêves
Et ne me dis pas que ça fait mal… 29 more words

Slam Poetry