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I can feel the sadness come up
The vibrations of tears
So familiar
Sends my nose trembling
My belly tightening

I am consumed by the goals of life… 148 more words

Not Alone (Slam)

Never loose hope.

Giving up is easy,

In the moment it’s a simple thought,

Wanting tot be done.

The very idea seduces you,

Telling you to give in, 333 more words


Why me?

You had a misunderstanding
A miscommunication
So help me understand
Why you’re so mad
And angry
And hurt
And most of all
Help me understand… 203 more words

Fall, Books, Videos, and Pumpkin Carving

Being from a tropical island I have never seen Autumn, heck I’ve only known hell summer, so seeing the season change ┬áhas been a mind blowing thing for me, my walk to work can easily become way longer than it should be cause I get distracted. 277 more words


Why People With Depression Are Some of the Best Interpreters

When you sing a song, you need to feel the lyrics as deep as you can.

When you sign, you have to put all of your emotions on your face. 457 more words


Frost Smitten ~ Slam Poem

Delicate snow dances lazily to the cold ground,

And I can’t help but be in awe by winter’s ballet,

It lines the ground, falling without a single sound, 393 more words


I care

How many broken swords is it going to take to show I know what its like to mend

How many nights do I have to stay awake to show im scared too… 184 more words