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As I got older, and the years of my mother’s abuse dragged on, I began to give her some consequences that she didn’t appreciate.  When I was 8, I realized that I could make a sound with my mouth that sounded like someone rubbing their finger on wet glass.  851 more words


LeeBoySLAP featured in Complex Magazine article

Can you believe its been 20 years since ALL-THAT?

Complex Magazine featured LeeBoySLAP in their anniversary article about the child phenom show and spoke about how he got the role, Mike Tyson, and more! 23 more words

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Pt 60- Crazy


Herschelle was in handcuffs at the police station, “What’s going on?” he asked. “Sir we got a report that you have been stalking this young woman?” the officer said while pointing to Nicole. 1,300 more words

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LeeBoy Photos @ The Belasco w/ the LOX

Check out some SLAPTIME photo’s from LeeBoySLAP’s show last week,

with The LOX at the Belasco.

Click here or the photo above for more!

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Kejriwal visits auto driver's home; attacker apologizes, says AAP will win hands down, calls slap a 'big mistake'.

NEW DELHI: An autorickshaw driver on Wednesday apologized to Arvind Kejriwal after the AAP leader called on him, and admitted that slapping him was a “big mistake”. 190 more words

Marvel the GR8 & LeeBoySLAP - Daftstar.com LIVE performance BTS

Stay Tuned for Marvel the GR8 and LeeBoySLAP internet performance on Daftstar.com !

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