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Hatchet III

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I really enjoy horror films made by those who are fans of the genre so make the type of horror films that they enjoy. 943 more words


8 word practice

As I reached for another handful of popcorn the actress let out a shrill scream. I love horror movies but the repulsive scene that quickly unfolded was too much for me. 168 more words


Stage Fright (2014) Slasher Musical Movie Review

Today, we are five decades removed from the emergence of the slasher as a staple subgenre of horror movies. Considering the abundance of classic franchises with double digit sequel totals and multiple remakes to top off their resumes, it’s fair to assume that the pool of ideas has been running thin. 241 more words


Camp Dread DVD Review

“Camp Dread” is a poorly made slasher. The last word.

DVD Review

PIECES (1982)

PIECES (1982)
Directed by: Juan Piquer Simón
Produced by: Stephen Minasian, Dick Randall,
Edward L. Montoro
Written by: John W. Shadow, Dick Randall… 445 more words


We Are Watching Freddie's Dreams

Rape revenge is stereotyped as a female protagonist getting revenge on the male antagonist.  Films like Straw Dogs, The Virgin Spring (a big influence of… 399 more words

Slasher Genre

Of Emotions and Slasher Films

When I was in high school, the Scream movie franchise hit the big time. Now, truth be told, I did not watch any of the Scream movies until I was well into my twenties. 564 more words

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