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Killer cameos don’t always produce killer results ‘Beg’ – movie review

The first thing I noticed about Beg was its notable cast of some of the horror genre’s favorites:  Tony Moran (Michael Myers in the original… 447 more words

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The Definitive Ranking of Scream Deaths

10.) Trudie/Sherrie/Rachel/Marnie/Jenny

The opening of Scream 4 should have been entertaining. I mean who hasn’t wanted to watch both Anna Paquin AND Shenae Grimes die? Unfortunately the “movie within a movie within a movie” thing was completely overdone and by the time the real opening kill sequence started no one gave a fuck. 758 more words

Twitch of the Death Nerve

Video Nasty #5 of 72

Year of Release: 1971
Directed by: Mario Bava
Run Time: 84 minutes
Alternate Titles:  Originally titled Reazione a catena (Chain Reaction), also released as A Bay of Blood, Blood Bath, Bloodbath Bay of Death, The Antecedent, Ecology of a Crime, Last House on the Left Part II, and New House on the Left. 1,380 more words


Cheeseball Cinema: Blood Widow (2014)

I was honestly going to use this film for something else, but after watching it, I felt there was no other place for it. That only place is Cheeseball Cinema where some of the words best attempts at legit horror films just turn into this. 347 more words


Review - Halloween II

Title: – Halloween II

Director: – Rick Rosenthal

Country: – USA

Year: – 1981

Taking place mere minutes after the events of the first film, Halloween II sees Jamie Lee Curtis return as Laurie Strode, the lone survivor who is wheeled into an ambulance and taken to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital following the brutal murder of her three friends. 1,044 more words