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Lightning Home Entertainment

“Who is this Jason you keep talking about?”

Four college kids on their way to Boston get lost, wind up on a Maine forested back road, then wake up at a Camp Hiawatha in 1981. 632 more words

Movie Reviews

Review: Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (2012, Maltauro Entertainment)



Directed by: Vito Trabucco
Written by: Vito Trabucco, Shelby McIntyre
Produced by: Vito Trabucco, Shelby McIntyre, Reggie Bannister, Gigi Bannister, Tim Sullivan… 535 more words

Film Reviews

Review: Maniac (1980) vs. Maniac (2012)

Review by: Topo Sanchez
SCUM Rating:
Maniac (1980) ★ ★ 
    /  Maniac (2012) ★ ★  

Ok I have to admit; I have never been a big fan of horror remakes, especially when the movie in question is a total classic like… 1,206 more words


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Comics

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac (abbreviated JTHM) is the first comic book by Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim). The series tells the story of a young man named Johnny C.  97 more words


Horror Tease: Lucifer's Angels

One of the films we found while fishing around on the twattersphere is the sinister looking indie flick Lucifer’s Angels. While there is no official press kit as of now we were able to grab the poster and image from the film. 33 more words

Horror Movies

He Knows You're Alone (1980)

He Knows You’re Alone(1980)

directed by:Armand Mastroianni

cast: Don ScardinoCaitlin O’HeaneyElizabeth Kemp

Όμορφο ατμοσφαιρικό slasher από τον Armand Mastroianni… 303 more words

Press Release: The Herd, Brutal New Horror With A Purpose

Starring Pollyanna McIntosh (The Woman, Filth) and featuring a score by Laurent Bernard of Gallows, THE HERD is a study into the most unimaginable human suffering, yet it depicts a violence that is perpetrated every day on a massive scale. 222 more words


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