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Slate, Gawker, The Daquan Meme & The Horrible, No Good Summer of 2014

By Shelton Bumgarner

This summer, at least relative to me, has been horrible.

It’s been boring. Or horrible. Or horrible and boring.

It was this summer when I lost all faith in two media brands that I used to really respect — Gawker and Slate. 862 more words


Our Daughters Need to Know That They Are Beautiful

I tell my daughter she’s pretty every single day. And I mean that literally — every morning when I wake her up, I ask how my pretty girl is doing. 966 more words

Cassy Fiano

A forced break from piano playing, and thoughts on autodidacts and other learners

After work on Friday I drove up to Raulston Arboretum to check on the flowers and insects. The rose garden was gone – nothing there but dirt. 467 more words


Well, At Least 1,142 People Have Looked At My Daquan Meme Explainer

By Shelton Bumgarner

Given that it’s about four minutes long and not exactly a true “explainer” given that I don’t explain the lingo, having 1,142 people look at my video about the Daquan Meme is pretty cool. 186 more words


I Have Interesting Readers

Who Is Daquan And Why Is He Relevant? 55
Home page / Archives 25
What’s The Story With The Daquan Jokes? 7
Why Is Everyone Talking About Daquan?
222 more words


At Least There's That: Buzzenfreude

Not being a regular follower of Buzzfeed (though it’s hard to avoid their media influence, unfortunately) this almost escaped my attention. It was plagiarism week… 403 more words


Another response to Slate’s Blood Libel Against Birthright Israel

by Shmuley Boteach
July 24, 2014

We Jews know what a blood libel is. It captures false accusations that Jews are culpable for deaths they did not commit or are in no way responsible for. 480 more words

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