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Food Inc

Yesterday in web design we watched a documentary called Food Inc. Two major things it talked about how farmers are treating the animals and how to become a farmer that wants to sell produce has to get a license and pay a fee to become a seller. 116 more words


What Meat is Actually Good For: New Data Revealed

Earlier this week the National Meat and Fish Oversight Committee (NMFOC) in New Cordell, Oklahoma announced controlled findings on what “meat” is actually good for. While the study, which was partly funded by the Food and Drug Administration and Tyson Foods, was set out to explore the nutritional and dietary advantages of meat, it instead revealed new, unexpected results. 217 more words


'Piles And Piles' Of Bodies In S. Sudan Slaughter

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The townsfolk believed the mosque was safe. They crammed inside as rebel forces in South Sudan took control of the town from government troops. 953 more words


The Third World and Animal Rights

I am working for the day when we have a government ethical enough to want to ban the slaughter and consumption of animals, and with the political will and power to do so. 224 more words

Worth Dying For (A Slaughter Creek Novel)

Hold on to your heart.The sadistic experiments conducted in Slaughter Creek have left the town mired in mystery. As Special Agent Rafe Hood works to tie up the loose ends, the discovery of a grisly murder reveals there’s a new killer at work. 9 more words


I was driving in rush hour traffic or I would’ve pulled into the farm driveway to take better photos. These are a few of my sheepies and one of their lambs. 32 more words

All Things Vegan