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Are You Sure Of Where Your Clothes Came From?

It is bad enough that people wear the leather from cows, but are you sure it came from a cow? You could be wearing dog leather… 11 more words

Animal Rights

No more chicken for me

This an issue, which I always thought to myself, “How is there so much chicken in the world?” And ” Why are some chicken legs so little?”. 201 more words


The Chicken Eating Non-Meat Eater

I’m sorry I killed a chicken and ate it.  I’ve had bouts of non-meat eating phases, each for a different reason.  The first time I quit eating flesh was when I was fifteen.   648 more words


Slaughter and Self Care

If you are sensitive about grodiness, leave now.

If you don’t believe in killing animals for food, go read this open letter to vegetarians.

When I got ducks in the spring I intended to eat their eggs sooner and their flesh later. 1,017 more words