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Everything was beautiful, and nothing hurt.


This is a quote from my number one, favourite book Slaughterhouse-Five, Or The Children’s Crusade : A Duty-dance with Death ( Kurt Vonnegut).

From chapter 4… Such a marvellous and moving image… 299 more words


A small but brilliant passage from Kurt Vonnegut

So following my post the other day concerning Kurt Vonnegut, I thought I’d share a quick passage with you from his book, Slaughterhouse 5. The moment I first read this I thought it to be a very clever piece of writing; not so much in its construction, vocabulary, &c., but more for the imagination and uplifting (yet poignant) message it holds. 312 more words


"Science fiction was a big help." Kurt Vonnegut-So it goes.

I was trawling through some old notes looking for a specific quote and came across this one from Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse 5. I’m yet to find what I was looking for, but this was pretty good. 110 more words

Passages Of Writing

Just Because It's Famous

There’s a certain pressure in the world of reading. A pressure that anyone who reads often, and likes to give anything a try, will feel. This is the pressure of a famous book. 448 more words