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Guest Review: Slaughterhouse 5

Hi everyone!

So you’ve probably noticed that I’ve been … scarce … of late. Well, let’s be honest, for a few months now. So the excuses include craziness at work, overwhelmingness of study, fatigue related to both of these, and, well, life. 353 more words


A Man Without A Country – A Review

Kurt Vonnegut chats with us about life, art, politics, and more.

I think it’s safe to say that anyone that has ever read Kurt Vonnegut has hoped to one day be able to sit down and chat with him, about everything from life and sex, to technology and politics. 475 more words


12/26 New Things Challenge: Read a book in 24 hours

I have a long list of books I know I should read and want to read. So I gave myself the task of reading one of… 260 more words

26 New Things Challenge

Random Blog Post #6 – Writing Tips from the Masters

We can always learn from the masters, today we have tips from Kurt Vonnegut.

The American writer, Kurt Vonnegut blends satire, humor, and science fiction in a way that will leave you questioning what genre you just read. 285 more words

Random Blog Post

Master Class 21 - Tense

Most stories are about something that actually happened, and we hear about them afterward.  In fiction, though, the thing didn’t actually happen, so the question of when it actually happened gets weird. 1,145 more words


Book Review #8 - Slaughterhouse Five, by Kurt Vonnegut

Hello earthlings!

Today I bring you a review of a very very strange book. I’ll talk about Slaughterhouse Five, by the author which last name I just can’t pronounce, Kurt Vonnegut. 778 more words